17 October 2016

Orange you glad I caught up

Yesterday as I posted my updates I realized that I forgot to update the blog theme.  Who knows where my mind has been?  Normally I am on top of my game but with all of the happenings in life this just slipped my mind.  Thankfully there are still a couple weeks left to enjoy in orange.  A few people have asked me what am I doing for Halloween?  I respond with the same thing I did last year, sitting in my house with the lights turned out watching TV.  I am not anti-social but I am not a kid person either.  I’d love to set a bucket of candy on the porch with a sign that said help yourself but I know that there is always one greedy person that would take the majority if not all of the candy and then it would be game over.  So it’s easier to not participate.  Especially since I have cats and one of them is all black. 

Speaking of Black Bear I get the pleasure of giving him a bath tonight.  He made a huge mess and I cleaned him up the best I could this morning but there was no way I was going to get him anywhere close to clean, without a bath.  I could have opted to take care of it then but I would rather not rush and be able to take my time.  It also gave me an idea.  I am going to find an old pillow and put that on the counter to help support his back and make it more comfortable.  I know he will cooperate at first but my goal is to keep him that way until he is squeaky clean.  He made his pee-pee for me and that made me happy.  Now he just has to keep doing that.  From what I see on the camera it look like he has made a deposit.  Now if I could turn all of his waste into money I would be a rich mo-fo. 

I had to visit the bank over the weekend.  Got a new chip ATM card and it came along with 2 unexpected checks.  So I go to deposit them and the silly ATM won’t take my card.  Then I look at the screen and actually pay attention, there is a new way to insert your card.  So you put it in horizontal instead of vertical.  My guess is this is the newest technology to help combat fraud – specifically card skimmers.  It might thwart the bad guys for a short time but rest assured they will find a new way to skim.  That is the thing with all types of fraud as fast as a deterrent is put in place a new threat emerges.  I got my checks deposited but the sad part is I had to do them in two transactions.  Only one deposit is allowed per transaction and there is no way to circumvent that.  What if you want cash back?  What if you want to make a transfer?  Too bad you have to start all over with a fresh transaction.  Not sure who thought that idea up but it is the way it is. 

Had a nice Italian Sub for lunch with some Cheetos and a soda.  Then some peaches and yogurt.  I’ve got granola bars but they are kept out of sight in the hopes that I will forget about the sweet.  It actually makes a difference in how I feel w/o the extra sugar.  The sandwich was larger than what I typically bring and that did a good job of filing me up. 

In looking on social media today is not only Bosses Day but National Pasta Day as well.  Perhaps I will dive into one of the baby lasagna that I picked up yesterday.  It is a thought but kind of depends upon how long it will take to cook and what kind of mood I am in. 

Sure hope that the new lawn guy comes by today, that will be another worry put to rest.  All I can do is wait & see.  Washed the car yesterday and of course I did so without looking at the forecast and rain is on the way Wednesday.  Hopefully the rain will fall while my car is in the garage at work, then be dry and ready for me to drive home.  Not sure if I will get that lucky. 

My boss got his gift.  He is waiting to open it tonight with his family.  He thinks it’s going to be fun.  Yeah to have kids help you open a crate.  I just hope no one gets hurt.  I am interested in the reaction after he gets it open.  They did pack the card separately so he knows why he got it.  It was a total surprise and shock. 

Well speaking of bosses, time for me to get back to work as my lunch time is drawing to a close.  My co-worker that might have intel on the guy I like isn’t in today she had a death in the family.  Of all of the times for that to happen.  I really want to talk with her to see what she can tell me and if I am wasting my time.  My promise to myself is that if I see him before I get a chance to talk with her I am going to ask him out, the worst he can say is no and since I don’t have a yes I am already there so no harm in asking. 

Hope you have a great week ahead!

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