18 October 2016

Seeing Red Today

I got a note from my boss that he really liked the gift.  That is where the note should have ended but it didn’t it went on to say not to feel obligated send him any gifts, a phone call or an email will suffice.  This is the part that enraged me.  You really think that I got you something because I had to, you missed the whole damn point.  I did it out of appreciation not because you were entitled to it and certainly not because I was obligated.  I won’t ever buy him a fucking thing for the rest of my life.  The way I feel right now a phone call and an email are off the table as well.  I think he actually took time to go price the item and feels that I spent way too much money and he was probably afraid that he might get something over the top from me, so why not put the kibosh on it now.  Yeah I spent way more than I wanted to but I thought it would be more appreciated than it actually is. 

I was attending a meeting and someone that was out last week was able to attend this week.  He threw a bomb out and totally caught everyone off guard and so we had to push our deployment out by a couple days.  He had a counterpart on the call last week who could have given us some insight but nope he sat quiet.  That didn’t help my anger.

So I am eating my lunch and apparently my phone rang because I got a voice mail.  It was the boss.  My other co-worker had to leave for the day so it’s just him & I.  The other co-worker is on vacation this week.  Great and I’ve got an issue that the co-worker that left would usually handle.  It requires swapping out a physical piece of hardware to fix a problem.  I’m guessing that I will get to call the person who is having a problem and apologize and tell them how to proceed as if it’s all my fault. 

Today is one of those days that I should have never gotten out of bed.  I would be a much happier person, but hey we all have days like this. 

So the pillow helped Mr. Bear last night.  It was really funny last night he heard me putting on the bath jacket (I wear a jacket so I don’t soak myself) and as soon as he saw me with it on, he hightailed it under the couch.  He pulled a Ruth and got as far back as he could.  I had to get down on the ground and physically pull him out.  That is normal, it’s funny and frustrating all at the same time.  So we get started and oh he is loving it.  I know because it itches and I am scratching him with water, a wash cloth and soap.  He’s clean and I did a great job.  I felt sorry for him so I passed out a snack last night for him and his family. 

Just as I was getting ready for bed, I managed to find the 2 monkeys aka Bear & Marvin playing with the ball in the circle.  Bear was doing much more than his brother but once and a while Marv would chime in and they would bat the ball back and forth.  Such a simple toy and everyone loves the damn thing.  Only problem is that if your trying to take a nap and they decide to play you will either wake up abruptly or you will never be able to get to sleep. 

No sign of the new lawn guy.  His check hasn’t cleared the bank either.  I am going to reach out to him tomorrow, provided he hasn’t stopped by today.  I hope to have an answer or the lawn done by the end of the week.  For all I know he thinks it’s end of season but were not quite there yet.  I hate to go through the motions of firing him – he’s good but if your not going to do the job I can’t sit around and wait.  If he’s injured, hurt or otherwise incapacitated then that I can understand.  If he went on vacation like the last guy it’s time to hit the bricks.  This is very surprising to me because he worked so hard to get my business I gave it to him and then he cuts my grass one time and stops.  Who does that? 

Had White Cheddar Mac & Cheese last night for supper.  Baby Lasagna took too long to cook.  Not sure what will be on the menu for tonight.  Frozen something is about all I can say for certain.  I kind of miss having a debate over what is for dinner.  I certainly miss the home cooked hot meal but I don’t miss the clean up.  While I have done well for myself I really need a man for many different reasons.  Let’s hope my prince comes along soon!

Back to work and fun or something like that. 

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