26 October 2016

Back 2 The Grind

I had to pull the plug on my iPhone it just took too long to sync.  I did the update untethered and it went much faster.  So I will try to sync up tonight if I have any energy left. I like to periodically backup my iPhone to my pc just to have an extra copy of a backup.  I learned a few months ago that you have to encrypt the backup with a password if you want to have any of your passwords that are cached saved. So now I encrypt the backup.  Still my main source for backing up is iCloud and it does a great job. 

I was up until 11p last night, with that nap I had problems winding down.  It was like I was starting to get my second wind.  However, my sleeping medicine finally kicked in and I was down for the count.  Strange dreams with and without the medicine. 

Just before it was time to get up the power flickered enough to disturb the alarm clock and the UPS in my room.  So I got up.  Then I had to set both the time and date on the microwave or it wouldn’t work.  Power used to be an issue with outages many years ago but it’s stabilized and maybe 1 time a year it might go out or flicker.  Otherwise it’s just on and sucking money from my wallet. 

Funny thing as I was getting ready for bed.  I figured I would have to pull Bear out from under the couch.  Nope as soon as I started brushing my teeth out he came.  He’s used to me placing his dry food close by along with the water dish.  I wanted to make sure he got his medicine.  His body reminded me yesterday what happens when you skip doses and it’s not pleasant.  No one wanted to sleep with me, I guess they were protesting my return to work as was I. 

Today hasn’t been terrible but there is plenty to do.  Started off with an immediate departure.  Those catch you off guard because there is no time to prepare and you have to work pretty fast to start to make sure both physical building access as well as computer access is cut off.  If it involves a mobile device you likely have to wipe it, which once that happens the owner of the device is usually ticked off even more.  Immediate departures happen for a few reasons but mostly it’s because the person was asked to leave.  Kind of sad but tis my job. 

I really miss nap time right about now.  It was difficult to make it through 11a and now that I am done with lunch all I want to do is to go lay down but we all know that won’t happen.  Lunch time is about over and we are chipping away at the day, looking forward to going home.  Left over pizza for supper sounds okay thinking of eating it cold.  I have enough of it to make at least three meals out of it.  Tomorrow night I will probably switch it up just because.  Eating the same thing night after night does get old, no matter how good it is.  But I will enjoy seeing the family and giving them more food. 

Hope your Wednesday is going well.  Back to my fun and hopefully I will be able to cross a few more things off my list before the day is done.  Take care!

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