16 October 2016

Gearing Up for a New Week

Life can be a wild ride sometimes. Friends of mine have learned that lesson on their own unfortunately. I spoke of one of my friends who had major surgery last month and then suffered an abscess in her stomach. She is in a nursing home at the moment and should be coming home on Tuesday. However, she made it to the major hospital and consulted with an oncologist who suggested some additional testing. Friday she had an endoscopy. They knock you out partially and then shove a hose down your throat to look at your digestive system. They found a huge mass in her stomach and biopsied the hell out of it. Results should be coming back this week. While I hope for good news I would say based on what I am hearing that her body is riddled with cancer and that her outcome is bleak. I am by no means a doctor. I have played doctor but that is another story. She hasn’t been able to eat that much and her favorite foods didn’t seem to matter. Her husband is beside himself wondering how much longer he is going to have his wife. He understands how this extra stress and worry impacts so many areas of your life. Not to mention it costs money to drive around to see doctors and visit his wife. Plus somewhere you have to be able to fit in work and how you manage to do your daily job is some kind of miracle in it’s self. My friends are not religious and I don’t believe they believe in God. It’s kind of sad because they could both sure use some help. It doesn’t mean I can’t pray for them and hope for a better outcome than what I think is going to happen. The struggle with the treatment is to figure out what cancer is the primary and then go after that. Each day that there isn’t treatment the cancer can still continue to grow and spread. It’s really sad because we just had a meal together like three (3) months ago and I had no idea that could be our last time together. I was up to see her in the hospital after the first surgery and I have been sending cards. Her husband and I talk all the time and know I know what I sound like when I call people and only share doom & gloom. It’s depressing as hell but at the same time you have to acknowledge it and let it all out, everyone needs someone to talk to. I have said more than once if you need me call, if there is something I can do, ask. It’s just been grab a bite to eat and talk with me. Both are easy enough to do. I certainly hope that they both get some good news in their lives soon, because they could use it. It would be great if the stomach tumor was benign. It has to come out but the doctors are more interested in knowing what they are up against and forming a roadmap for treatment.

Ever hear the saying the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t? Well hindsight it 20/20 and I think I made a mistake in letting Lawn Boy go. His replacement showed up when he was supposed to start service. Here we are two (2) weeks later and the guy is no where to be found. I called and his voice mail is full. I sent an email and no response. The grass is still growing. I really don’t want to find yet another replacement. I am waiting to see what happens but if this type of behavior continues I can tell you the new guy won’t last long. If I wind up firing him too then I will consider just buying a mower and seeing about reviving the trimmer I have then take care of it myself. The one sure fire thing I have learned in life is that people will always fail you, if you want a job done and done right you have to do it yourself. There is that one company that wants to do it every week and from what I remember they enter into a contract so both parties are bound to each other. It would be more money but I have a feeling they would do the best job and I really wanted to hire them from the start. Right now I am giving the new guy a chance, thinking that maybe something happened. If there is no activity or response this week then he’s a goner for sure. I will make at least one more attempt to reach him. There is no way in hell that I would go crawling back to lawn boy after the way he disrespected me, my opinion is that he wanted me to do what I did and I played right into it – which is better for both of us.

Speaking of not calling back, I left a message for my co-worker about the hottie at work and still have yet to hear from her. I hope that she returns tomorrow so that we can get things cleared up and I can hopefully get my intel. I don’t want to make a fool of myself but with her help or without her help I am hell bent on asking this guy out. It means that I have to leave work a little early and either hope that we wind up on the same elevator or just go downstairs and sit in the lobby in wait for him. He’s walking with a crutch so it’s not like he can run away from me.

This morning I went out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The hotties that I eyed up before were not there but there was a new busser and who he gave me a great show of his butt. It was the perfect start to the day. Then as I am leaving one of the hosts went out of his way to talk to me. I think he likes me but that could be just me. I wanted to turn around and chat him up, I mean my belly was full and the only place I had to be was the grocery store. However, I thought if I can get up the nerve to ask someone out then so can other people. I mean I know I have to be appealing to someone out there. I am not in prime physical condition but I can tell you that I have a heart of gold and lead in my ass so I am quite the catch, I think I am one of the last nice guys left. There aren’t too many of us and finding us can be a difficult task. I too am looking for a nice guy and since I have standards and won’t just settle for random sex I think that combined with my age is what is working against me. Then again maybe I am just trying too hard and should take a break in the hopes that love will find me.

Since were talking about Hot Guys might as well mention Justin Timberlake. Netflix filmed him and the TN Kids in their last performance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas January 1 & 2 of this year. I watched it and all I can say is wow. There was a lot of effort by many people to put the elaborate stage together. Justin preformed really well and there are some amazing ass shots in the movie. He’s a hottie who can sing. I don’t like all of his music but it was a good show.

My boy Charlie Puth is under the weather. I saw a photo on social media last week where he appeared to take a break for a couple days and was in a hospital or hospital type setting. He had IV’s going and then jumped right back on tour. He is working hard and preforming day in and day out. That takes a tole on the body doesn’t matter if your famous, poor, white, black, gay or straight. You will reach your breaking point and then it’s just harder to bounce back. Trust me I know I’ve been there before. Last night apparently he had a performance and was only able to preform 3 songs, that was the concert. He apologized but said that he was sick and needed to get better. The concert that I am scheduled to go to is in the very near future and I hope that he is able to get better and preform fully. I would be greatly disappointed if he cancelled or worse yet if he only did 3 songs and called it a night. I have looked forward to this since the tickets went on sale late this summer and I hope that this will be a magical night that I can enjoy and look back on. Just like his show last year. I am thankful that he is preforming in the fall instead of the hot summer, that was wicked miserable. Out of breath, had to buy an overpriced soda but still managed to have a good time.

Cat time – what is a post on here when I am not talking about the kids. Bear hasn’t been producing urine like he normally was, so today I had to break down and give him fluids. I didn’t want to but figured that if I waited that problems would be on the horizon. He still seems happy and is eating well. He drinks but only when I am not looking or so he thinks. The fluids I gave him should come pouring out in the form of urine later tonight or early tomorrow morning. I hope that I am around to check the PH level. I just placed another order for food for him. I have this thing now where I talk with him and ask if he wants to spend time with daddy. Silly me I think he actually understands me. I pick him up and give him raspberries on his belly with my mouth and then I carry him to the couch and we sit, he purrs and gets comfortable and I pet him. He seems to really like it but when he’s ready to get down I make sure that I put him on the ground and don’t let him jump. I am sure he would make it but don’t want to risk any injury or strain. The other kids hate it because it’s like he is stealing their spotlight. Which he kind of is but considering what he has been through he has more than earned that right. Everyone else is doing okay. Gator woke me up yesterday morning by puking in the bed, not once but twice. Ruth let me walk right up to her and pet her so I really think she is starting to come out of her shell more in her old age and trust me. Now there are still boundaries and I respect them but I really just want to pick her up and have her in my lap. Maybe one day we will get to that point but it’s not something that me or my late partner ever expected would happen.

It’s a little after 3 in the afternoon here and I am not wanting to peel myself away from the computer to finish cleaning the house and preparing for tomorrow. My face started itching last night and hasn’t stopped so I do look forward to a shave in the hopes that will quell the itching. The more you scratch the worse it gets. This is why I could never possibly see myself with a beard. I look good in my opinion with 3 or 4 days of stubble, if I could keep that length and appearance up all the time I would but that takes some serious knowhow and effort. It’s just easier for me to shave once a week and call it a day. I also want to make sure that I don’t look like a hobo if I get to ask out the guy at work.

Time to be on-call again. This week has been a little busy but not too much activity after hours. I always keep an eye out, especially the week prior to when I go. Turns out that I will have to get up early on Sunday to do some testing of patches that are applied. It sounds simple but the getting up early part and Sunday are what bother me. I will get over it. I hope that this week is as quiet as the last time I was on-call. It’s great knowing that I am not by myself and have others that I can call on if I find myself in a jam.

I am sure I have left something out but I really need to pry myself away to get this cleaning started. Hope that life is treating you well and that your all doing good. We shall ta
lk again soon.

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