03 July 2013

Surprise another bill

Last nights mail brought me an envelope from the attorney I used to write the letter to the union.  I thought maybe they came to their senses and mailed a check.  Nope, it was a bill from him to me.  I asked him to write a simple letter but he charged me for three hours of work.  I don’t honestly think he put that much time into it but what am I going to do argue with a lawyer?  Nah, just paid him and he is out of my hair.

Called about Medical Records today, they said they will be in the mail shortly.  I am looking forward to getting them.

My Carpet Cleaner is sitting on my porch along with everything else I ordered from Amazon.  Hopefully it will all still be there when I get home.  I am looking forward to seeing how it preforms.  I have plenty of spots to test it on.

Got a call last night from a friend who invited me over for the 4th.  I was going to go for pie but I guess not now.  I am going to try to make the trip this weekend, it will just be nice to get away.

Speaking of getting away, I asked about what time we are closing today.  Looks like we are working the whole day.  Only because the boss man is here.  My he looks horrible, not sure if it’s depression or if he is sick.  Either way he needs some R&R. 

I got a phone call today from my guys doctors office again.  They still have no record of getting a death certificate but I’ve sent it 4 times.  I had to fax them a copy.  I sent it with a not so nice letter telling them to leave me alone.  Honestly the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  Hopefully this does the trick.

I hope the mail tonight isn’t filled with any more unplanned expenses.  My money is starting to run thin and I’m close to having to dip into savings, which I am trying to avoid at all costs.  The longer the money stays in the bank the more interest I earn. 

I have no desire to get back to working, but the more involved I am the faster this day will be done with.  I am so watching the clock and wondering how we managed to make it to noon.  I can’t imagine what I will feel like come quitting time.

There are a multitude of things that I want to accomplish.  I have a feeling I have overwhelmed myself with tasks.  I think I will be disappointed when I look back but only time will tell.

I hear airplanes right now making practice runs for the air show that will start tomorrow.  Always a tradition on the 3rd of July.  I can remember riding home and watching them.  Back when life was more enjoyable.  I like hearing the sounds but being able to see them would be better, plus it would be a good excuse to goof off.  Like I really need an excuse.

Well back to the salt mine.  4 days will be nice but after it’s over with the only thing I have to look forward to is going to the doctor later in the month and that gets me a Friday off.  Whoopee!  Even if it is a date with a needle I guess it’s something to look forward to.  At least I will get a little prick!

Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

You said "pie" again! *drool*

I love air shows, must be the military brat in me...

Let us know how the steam cleaner works, I hope it does as good a job as the rental ones do.

Happy 4th.!!