09 July 2013


Last night I got an e-mail from my boss asking me to submit to him a list of projects I was working on, what they entailed and how long it would be before each one was done. 

I suppose I could go to him and ask why he wanted this information but I don’t feel that would be a good move.  There are only three reasons I can think of 1.  They want to replace me.  2.  They are thinking of getting me a helper.  3.  They are just nosy and want to know what I am doing with my time.   I suppose eventually it will play out.

Yesterday I was just dumped on with the travel thing.  I am more than over loaded right now.  It may cause some unseasoned people to freak out.  Normally it would cause me to freak out.  However, I just do one thing at a time.  I take the TAZ method … one foot in front of the other, eventually I will get to where I am going.  If you saw him walk, you would understand more, but he walks very slow unless there is a reason to do otherwise. 

I got a good surprise in the mail, something you might never ever see.  It was the Electric Bill and it said please pay $000.00.  Yep, one month free electric & gas.  We (I) are on budget billing so they adjust apparently on an annual basis.  Next month the bill will go down to $196, which is nice.  If they don’t want money I am not sending in any. 

The court documents arrived at the process server yesterday.  The documents should be served tomorrow or no later than Friday.  I signed up for 2 day service so I suspect it will be tomorrow.  However, matters not to me just so long as they get it.  Then we shall see what move they make next.  My best guess tells me we will go to trial.

Big Boy appears to be over his bought with DIahrea, at least last night he was.  Now TAZ has it.  It’s just like having kids one gets sick, they get better but passed it off to another.  Hopefully this doesn’t progress all through the house.  I found the medicine on-line through Amazon last night.  It’s not cheap but it’s less expensive than going to the vet.  I’ve got a few pills left and they have to be broken up, so it should last for a while.  TAZ gets a dose tonight, wish me luck, he doesn’t do so well with pills. 

BBQ Pork was okay, not the best and certainly not Jack Daniels.  I’ve got some left over but not sure if or when I will eat it.  Tonight I think is a Pot Pie night.  Simple but takes 10 minutes.  Then it’s boiling hot and you have to wait a couple minutes to eat.  My favorite part is breaking the crust and hearing the sizzle.  I let the juice soften up the crust.  Then it’s time to get my yum on.  Might not be the best meal in the world, might not even be healthy but it’s what for dinner. 

I still haven’t heard from dreamboat on the gay dating site.  However, they match you with a different person each day, if you both say yes then you know about it and can make date arrangements or whatever.  Today was an okay guy who is a couple years older than me.  I said yes just to see what happens.  Plus I’ve got my eye on another guy.  Not sure if I will hear from anyone or this whole little experiment will work but at least I can say I tried. 

Get to go to a meeting in a while to talk about what I will be doing on the road, who is going, etc.  I doubt that I will have specific dates this week.  I called my friends the cat sitters and July is a real pain in the ass for them.  If we can do August or even September that will be fine.  They are not excited but I told them no need to worry about medicine, just food and litter.  That’s all.  I figure if they could go for a week without medicine before they can do it again.  The other chief worry is what if Big Boy croaks while I am gone.  Well that is just the chance I will have to take.  I won’t want to get that news while I am on the road but I will want to know.  I’d ask them to keep him on ice for 24 hours to allow me to make arrangements to get home and have a wake with the other kids.  Then I am not sure if I would bury him or cremate him.  It’s something I have to think about but hopefully not something that I will have to act on anytime soon.  No matter when it happens I won’t be prepared, because you can just never prepare for death be it a person or a pet. 

I have to tidy up a bit before it’s time to go back to the daily grind.  Today is such a non-productive day that I am just ready to call it and go home, but I can’t do that.  I don’t exactly feel the best.  Not sure if my body is rebelling from the stress of the past 3 months or if it’s just allergies.  Each morning I wake up I say today is the day I am going back to bed.  I’m being good about it and coming in but I really just want to crash and not think about anything.  Relaxing is so hard for me to do.  Usually it requires some medication and a nice bed.  However, since I am the sole supporter at home I have to stay lucid for the children’s sake.  Ah well only a few more days and the weekend will be here.  Last week at this time I was saying only one more day.  Too bad that isn’t the case now. Another holiday would be nice. 

We have to work until September (Labor Day) until we get our next holiday.  That is like 2 months away.  Then it will be Thanksgiving and finally Christmas.  Then time to start all over again.  Big holidays like Thanksgiving & Christmas are going to probably be really hard.  However, one day and one step at a time. 

Off to tend to business now.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Yes, all of the "firsts" are the hardest..... holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. ((((hugs))))

I know, after a short week due to a holiday, it's always hard to go back to a regular work week!