07 July 2013

Jelly Beans

I know one particular food item makes one of you drool.  I hope that Jelly Beans don’t have the same effect on any of you. 

As for me, the photo at the top is enough to make me drool. 

Just finished changing up the blog.  I always enjoy that but it’s hard to decide on what looks best. 

Evening is progressing, everyone has been fed.  Laundry is done but needs to be put away.  Lunch still needs to be made and I am taking a nice hot shower to try to relax and prepare for Mundane Monday that I so don’t look forward to. 

Had someone from Santa Fe New Mexico look at my profile.  Nice but I am no where even close to Santa Fe or New Mexico for that matter. 

Well getting to it now.  Talk with you jellybeans later.  Smile

1 comment:

Jude said...

I'm not huge into most candies including jelly beans, but I like the look on your blog. :-)

I hope the week goes by quickly and painlessly for us both!