05 July 2013

Quick update

Had to work all day on the 3rd.  Kind of sucked but it is what is.

Got home to find my steam cleaner, cleaning solutions, net talk duo and feliaway all waiting for me on my front porch.  Lugged it all inside and started opening packages like a kid at Christmas time, after I fed the children.

Net Talk Duo is everything I wanted & more.  I got a local number so eventually I can tell Ma Bell aka AT&T to reduce the number of features on my phone so the bill goes down!  I will still have a landline phone because of the alarm but the bill should be less.  Right now I am just trying it out.  I’ve talked with my friend in Canada, called my brother & mother as well as made business calls all works fine. 

Steam Cleaner works very close to the rental unit.  The clean up of the unit is more cumbersome and cat hair is everywhere, just like with the commercial rental unit.  Geez you never knew what was in the carpet until you cleaned it.  I like the convenience but with the unexpected bills I kind of wish I would have held off for a little longer.  It’s got a 1 tank system.  There is a plastic bladder for the clean water and the dirty water collects below it, not a big fan of that.  Wish I would have stuck with the original item I wanted, would have saved money and gotten a tank that put clean water in one side and dirty in the other instead of this bladder system.  If the bladder breaks I am screwed.  Plus it runs on two belts, like a vacuum which I didn’t know.  Something to break and have to replace.  Joy!

Went to my friends house for the 4th.  They had monster burgers but they were raw inside, not a big fan of that.  Plus they just pour Pork & Beans from the can into a dish, no heat.  Ick.  They bought there potato salad already made from a local grocery store.  Desert was the same way.  It was pink lemonade cake.  Damn if it would have been refrigerated and I had a nice glass of milk, that would have been much better.  All in all not too bad. 

I was kind of abrupt with their guests they asked where my better half was and I just replied he is dead.  Jesus I couldn’t believe I said it.  I wasn’t exactly thinking clearly and kind of tired of questions.  I apologized and they wanted to know details so I told the story. 

I was home at the actual time he passed 3 months ago.  It felt and still feels so lonely here.  The cats help but it’s just not the same thing.

Fireworks went on for hours last night.  The kids were very well behaved.  No one flew off the handle and I didn’t bother to watch.  I was too busy watching TV.  We re-watched American Wedding.  I had all of Momma’s Family in the room with me.  Shy Girl was most interested in it.  She used to sit and watch interior decorating shows with my partner when she was a new born.  Her sister liked the cooking shows.  Kind of funny.  It was a good movie and eventually I fell asleep, which was the whole point of watching TV in the first place.

Woke up early got in breakfast.  Gathered documents I would need.  Made a list of places to visit and things I wanted to do today.  2 things didn’t happen.  Checking on the mortgage because I was put on hold and calling Net Talk Duo Customer Service again because I was placed on hold. 

Made it to the Insurance Agent and now have Home Owners Insurance.  Joy.  Very high deductible if there is roof damage because it’s the original roof from when we first moved in 15 years ago.  I need to get some quotes for getting a new roof but I am sure that will be like 4 thousand dollars and I don’t want to part with the cash right now.  So much is up in the air.  The roof is fine and we have no leaks, so leaving well enough alone for now.

Visited the cemetery and they had my letter.  Why they didn’t bother to respond is beyond me.  I learned that cemetery plots are “family property”.  Meaning that they pass down a blood line.  So if he would have specifically left in his will a section that mentioned the plot I would get it with no work required.  Now if I want it I have to go research his mothers side of the family and get death certificates for everyone.  If any of her brothers or sisters had children then they own a portion of the plot and would have to convey it to me.  Way too much work for a plot that she only paid $179 – I would just as soon it sit empty.  I could give it to his son but instead it will just sit empty, no harm, no foul.

Filed my lawsuit today.  Didn’t realize but I had to hire a process server to serve the summons on the union.  It’s in the mail and it should be served within the next 2 weeks.  They have until mid August to file a response.  They automatically have to send me a copy so I am kept informed and it will cost them money to file their response.  So maybe they won’t be paying me but they will be paying for screwing with me.  Just as long as if I loose I don’t have to pay for their expenses because I am sure whatever attorney they hire will be very expensive.  I am figuring if we go to trial that it will be September or October before that happens.  All I want is my money and I will go away but I honestly don’t see them offering me a settlement, they will drag this out until we get in front of a judge.  Now is the time where I could leak this to the media, I mean I told them I was going to sue them but they didn’t believe that.  I told them the media could get ahold of the story maybe I will scare them but I honestly think I am a pimple in the grand scheme of things.

I went for pie today.  That was a interesting trip.  I thought I would have to get a motel to take a nap on the way up.  I got so drowsy but after a good meal and my pie I was all set.  Took home a Custard Pie & some Carmel Nut Cinnamon Rolls.  Got gas for the car and boogied home.  Been here ever since.  Had a slice of pie for “supper”.  Now I am hungry for Mexican Food.  There is a local place that I want to try so I may venture there tomorrow.  It’s a considerable drive so that may cause me to re-think things.

Talked to the lady at the post office and learned that Congress mandated Saturday mail delivery so they are still going to be delivering mail on Saturdays for the foreseeable future. 

Got my haircut and that pretty much rounds out the past two days.  Now its off to medicate the children and take care of litter box duty.  Then to scramble to find something to watch on TV.  Oh joy!

I thought about starting to clean but have talked myself out of that.  Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps another day.  Time will tell.

That’s all for now folks.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

I'm glad the steam cleaner works well, but yeah the bladder system does sound like a potential pain in the butt.

Now I want pie too dammit!! My absolute fav it rhubarb pie. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, yummmmm...