10 July 2013

Needy Woman

Last night I let one of the girls sleep with me.  I knew it wasn’t a good idea but I figured she wants to stay might as well let her.  She had me up and down all night long.  First she was cold, then she wanted attention, then I think it was just to toy with me.  I told her if you wake me up one more time I’m going to hit you with the pillow.  That put a stop to it.  Tonight no matter how much she begs, no matter how cute she looks, no matter what she is sleeping some place other than in my room.  Boys only!

Yesterday when I was leaving work I went to backup as usual and realized that I forgot to look so I twisted my neck in a hurry to do a quick look.  Something snapped.  I just knew pain would eventually follow.  That it did this morning when I got up.  I so wanted to go back to bed but here I am hardly working or wait I think I am supposed to say working hard.  Yeah that’s the ticket, working hard.  Took some Ibuprofen and all seems well for now.  I will be fluffing the pillows tonight in the hopes that I don’t wake up feeling the same way tomorrow.

Like yesterday this morning was a whirlwind I jumped from here to there and back again.  It was just crazy busy.  When things slowed down it was 10am. 

The other day a user sent me an Adobe document to convert to Word.  I paid no attention to the size of the file and just used a free service on line to convert it.  Turns out it only converted the first two pages.  The user approached me the next day and said why did you only convert two pages the document was larger than that.  Well that cinched it for me, I forked over the company credit card and signed up with Adobe for conversion service.  Now I know when you hear the name Adobe it makes you see $$ sort of like Microsoft, BMW, Audi, etc.  Well they charge a whopping $20 a year for this service.  It’s unlimited use and was a no brainer.  Today I am a hero because I can convert documents quickly.  I just did one while I was typing this.  412 pages it’s not super fast but it’s not slow either. 

In the world of Gay Dating, I hit up someone last night that I have had my eye on.  I’ve got lots of guys looking at me but no one approaches me or answers my messages.  Kind of discouraging.  I saw a window that said send him a gift, no one has done it yet and you could be the first.  Maybe he will reciprocate.  Yeah okay, so I tried it well that’s more money.  You have to buy coins and then use the coins to send gifts.  Are you kidding me?  Hell no I ‘m not sending him or anyone else a gift so that site can take more of my money.  They already charged me an activation fee when I signed up and I gave them way more than I planned on.  One month, then were done.  Dating is just another way someone can take your money.  Besides that I really don’t think I am going to find anyone.  Call it low self confidence, being negative or whatever you want.  It’s bold of me to signup and I have proven thus far nothing bad is going to happen because you are looking.  It still feels a little odd but at the same time it would be nice to even make just a friend.

I had my pot pie last night, it was okay.  I watched way too much Reba.  The evening went by so darn fast.  I got mail from the insurance company.  First regarding my car they are raising my COMP deductible.  Good thing I got my windshield replaced when I did.  They talked about raising Collision as well but my deducible is already at their $250 minimum, so I am safe.  It just means a slight decrease in premium come renewal time.  The other note I got was that they pulled my credit history for the homeowner’s policy.  There were many reasons they cited for giving me a higher rate.  I have no idea what the rate is, I suspect it was already figured into the quote.  I will know for sure when the policy arrives in the mail in the next few weeks.  I’d really like the refund check, but I know they will drag their feet with that.

Not sure if I told you but I picked up some Doritos Jacked chips from the store.  Man they are so good I want to eat the whole bag.  There is a bite to them but it’s mild, hot enough to make you want a drink of water but that cools everything off.  I think I will be buying more of them.  They are large chips and mostly were in tact, which was a surprise.

Supper tonight I think will be Mac & Cheese.  This won’t be the good stuff with 7 cheeses in it, but the boring plain stuff that I picked up by mistake.  I may have the BBQ Beef with it or maybe the left over Chicken Nuggets.  Kind of depends upon how I feel and how much effort I want to exert. 

I gave TAZ his medicine last night.  He was just a little surprised but he tolerated it.  I will have to keep an eye on him to see if it helped. Big Boy is still doing well.  I listened to his lungs today and I am no doctor but they don’t sound good to me.  He has been worse in the past.  I worry something horrible about him.  I worry if I will find him dead one night when I come home or wake up some morning and make the discovery.  I almost want to get it over with but I’m not going to rush things for my convenience, it’s just not ethical to me.  He still has a very good quality of life. 

I still have some pie left (yes I know I said pie) I am slowly working on making it disappear.  I also have one Carmel Cinnamon Roll left and I am ready to go back for more of them.  They are so damn good.  They must make them with crack.  To force you to crave them.  Nah, maybe not crack maybe just a lot of butter & cinnamon. 

Last night I heard about The Gay Blood drive.  If you haven’t heard of it or want to know more, just plug it in to Google.  It’s a peaceful demonstration where on a specific day around the US gay men will go to their local blood banks, get tested for AIDS and then try to donate blood and be turned away.  The organizer is an OUT Film Maker who is making a documentary called 2nd Class Citizen.  It’s about how Gay people are treated here in the US.  He is going to take the results of the rapid HIV tests and show the CDC (I think) that they are turning away all of this good blood.  They complain because the supply is low but they don’t want gay blood because it’s too risky.  Well 20 years ago we didn’t have rapid HIV testing and if you can test for it and turn away those who are infected, then I think it’s perfectly okay.  If you are a man and have had sex with another man in the last 3 decades you are banned from giving blood in the US.  It’s all done on the honor system, so if your not a regular donor what’s to say that you show up gay as gay can be but deny being gay, they take your blood and viola it’s in the system.  If of course you are honest, then the system already has you flagged.  Personally, I don’t like needles so I am not terribly worried about this but it would be nice if the law was changed.  Other countries have reversed their decisions on banning gay blood, why not us?

Well I need to get back to the salt mine, I am slowly chipping away and who knows if things go well I might make some progress today.  Looking forward to Franklin & Bash tonight.  Tomorrow is Thursday so we should have some breathing room here at work.  Friday I am going out with a co-worker for lunch.  Saturday I think I may have a sleeping contest with Jumper, at least it sounds good to me right now.  Down hill slide from here.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

Yep, you said pie! LOL

I hope your neck is feeling better!