07 July 2013

Something new

So I slept on it and decided that I really have nothing to loose by hitting up guys on a dating site.  I of course know to use caution and obviously only meet in public places.

Against my better judgment I paid for a subscription to a site and messaged someone.  Not sure if they will message back but time will tell. 

I did some browsing like I was looking for clothes or something.  I found another guy that looks nice.  I want to take it slow.  I don’t plan on letting my subscription go past the one month mark, unless of course the site is working for me.

I am surprised at myself but at the same time looking forward to seeing what happens.  I don’t do the bar scene and where exactly can you go to meet another guy for something other than sex?  I mean I am not looking for a one night stand, I want something long term.  I realize that the Gay Community is mostly about getting it on and then moving on.  However, there are guys who want relationships, guys who want to get married.  I am afraid of getting my heart broken but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Another way of saying it is doing nothing, changes nothing. 

I may not ever meet or hear from guys I message, then again I may be headed to a restaurant for a date.  It’s a whole new world!

Average Sunday for me, outside of the above.  I woke up around 9, fed the children came back to bed and snuggled with jumper.  Tried to go back to sleep but that didn’t work out.  Got up, had a Carmel Cinnamon Roll & Diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast.  Got dressed, headed out to the grocery store.  Saw a couple of cute guys, did my shopping and came home.  Unloaded everything.  Then went back out to Target to pick up of all things an Air Compressor.  Specifically, I got the Black & Decker Air Station.  It’s neat in that you tell it the pressure you need, hook it up and turn it on.  It does the rest and when it reaches the limit you set, it turns it’s self off.  No more guessing!  Its powered from your car or from AC, it also included accessories to blow up balls or I suppose even a blow up doll.  Hmmm, should I invest in one of those?

Then I walked to the Mexican place that is close by, figured I could use the exercise but didn’t take into consideration the heat.  I was sweating when I got there.  Ordered an average meal.  I got my cheese & rice which is always good.  Came back home.

Checked out my air pressure on my car, made sure I had windshield washer fluid.  I also for giggles checked my oil.  I was surprised that I could use some.  I wasn’t in the danger zone but did loose a little.  Not exactly sure if that is normal.  My baby is approaching 30 thousand miles and is only 3 1/2 years old.  I added some oil but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  Will keep my eyes peeled.  I was more worried about my partners truck.  I check it and it used a little bit of oil but there was certainly plenty there.  It burns oil so you can understand my concern.  However, I never expected my car to say it needed oil. 

No big expenses are needed right now.  I am dealing with a bunch of things and honestly I don’t need a single major thing to go wrong or for any unplanned expenses to come up.  I want to be able to hold on to every last penny I have because one never knows when that rainy day will hit.  I feel bad because I used some savings to pay my credit card for this month.  However, I don’t like carrying a balance.  Credit Cards are a trap and unless you realize that going in, you will certainly fall victim and wind up paying interest charges.  Sure you can pay things off over time but think of the interest they make from you.  They want you to pay the minimum every month and nothing more but looking at it long term it will take years to pay it off. 

I have some clean up work to do with my e-mail and my desk.  Plus I need to fix supper, feed the children and prep for what will be a whirlwind Monday. 

I’ve already shaved,  wrangled the trash, done the dishes, and I am working on the laundry, which will be done shortly.  Here is hoping that this week is boss man free, and moves fast.  I need another weekend already. 

Having 4 days off in a row is really nice, goes by so fast and I feel like I really have nothing to show for it.  I know I accomplished several things but the big things that I didn’t get done are what concern me.  I am NOT ready to deal with his personal effects or cleaning up his office or bedroom.  It’s just far too much.  I wonder if I ever will feel like dealing with it. 

I did get a message regarding my e-bay items.  Someone thought they would be helpful and told me to lower my prices and do my research before I post something.  I know I am asking a bit much for some things, but P.T. Barnum said “There is a sucker born every minute”.  I am just trying to see if I come across one of them and can make them part with their money.  If so great for me.  If not then I will consider lowering my prices, but I have to give it time.  I don’t want to give stuff away, I mean these are prized items that mean something to me, just getting me to part with them is saying a lot.

Well laundry, supper and the kids are calling, so off to tend to those items.  Talk with you peeps later.

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