08 July 2013

Travel Time

So I found out a few short hours ago that I will be traveling across the country again.  I have to go back to each place and do security assessments from an IT perspective.  Everything has to be done by mid September so it looks like I will be on the road quite a bit.  I don’t have any details yet but they should be forthcoming soon.  I have to tell my cat sitting friends, I know they will be so thrilled.  I just hope it’s like 1 week at a time and not 2 or 3 weeks in a row.  Otherwise I will have to leave money behind for cat food and litter.  That would be asking a lot.

I heard back from the attorney regarding the wrongful death case.  He has to send the records to an expert and it will take about 2 weeks to get an opinion back.  I can only hope there is  a case.

I had a few other people view my profile on the dating site, they are all no where near me.  I don’t get it, why look at someone’s profile that is more than 100 miles from you.  The chances of you crossing paths are slim to none.  Unless they are looking for a hookup and I’m not playing that game, too much risk and not enough reward.  If you know what I mean.

Children were chomping at the bit about getting fed this morning.  Shy Girl was very affectionate, I guess everyone knew I didn’t really want to come to work.  If it wasn’t for the meeting that told me I had to travel, I wouldn’t have shown up at all.  I could have used another day just to lay in bed and think about nothing. 

The cute guy here at work has yet to respond to my friend request.  Either he thinks I am creepy, he is not interested or he just doesn’t get on social media all that much.  In any case, that is perfectly okay. 

It’s a busy day and that is a good thing.  Means that quitting time will come that much sooner.  Hopefully I don’t get the 2 or 3 pm lag where it seems like the earth is standing still.

Traffic wasn’t too bad this morning, I think a lot of people have started to schedule vacation and so it will be sporadic until August when kids go back to school and life evens out a little more for the average family.

BBQ Pork for supper, got to get the trash set out and who knows what fresh hell awaits me in the mail.  Then time to relax a little bit and prepare for doing it all over again tomorrow.  Gosh this working for a living really sucks but I am so thankful to have a job.  Living without one when it’s your only means for support really sucks!

Well speaking of work, I should get back to it.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

I'm hoping you won't have to be gone too long each time.

BBQ pork, yum!