11 July 2013

Open Enrollment

Not exactly sure why but my employers Open Enrollment period is here.  It’s that time of year when you get to pick and choose benefits that you want.  In the past I have rejected everything because it was an all or nothing package.  I wanted just a couple things like vision and disability.

Well someone finally listened.  We now have choices which is good news.  The bad news is we have less than 2 weeks to make decisions.  Plus the person I would bounce all of this off of is no longer on earth.  Talk about being alone, this just make it another step more real.

I took the vision insurance because it’s $4 a pay check and by the time you add it up, it is about the cost of an eye exam.  Plus they give me an allowance on glasses, so that will help out.  It’s for the best. 

Now I have to figure out if I want Accident Insurance sort of like Aflac, Cancer Insurance, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability, etc.  Chances are pretty good I will pass on all of it, but I wanted to have time to review it on my own.  They had us sit down with a benefits person and they instantly wanted an answer, hello your asking me about spending money.  I can’t commit to anything right now.  Too much stuff up in the air, plus if I take too much away from my paycheck then I won’t have money left to live on.

I can’t see the point for any form of life insurance, I mean who gives a crap when I die.  The only thing I would worry about is the cats and when I get around to drafting a new will, I will make sure they are taken care of.  As for the rest of my possessions I really don’t care what happens to them because I will be dead.  If I manage to find another guy that I will be able to call partner, then I will rethink the life insurance. 

Speaking of partner, I logged on to the dating site last night and wow I saw a couple of cute twinks they are all 21 –30 but I am afraid that they aren’t looking for long term or if they are they might want a sugar daddy.  I am also afraid that we probably wouldn’t be compatible.  I looked but didn’t bother to message anyone.  I am starting to think this whole idea was a bust and not only am I wasting my time but my money.  Maybe what I need is therapy and someone to give me a hug.  However, that too costs money and I don’t even want to find out how little insurance will cover. 

As of this morning the children were all doing fine.  Happy about that.  Hope it stays that way for a long time.  Momma is tolerating her thyroid medicine but she is still chewing.  I think she isn’t getting enough but I am not adjusting anything.  I may put her back on the antihistamine because it helped some.

Got invited to a friends house for supper on Saturday.  They eat kind of late but it’s free so I am not complaining.  If it were a Sunday I would turn it down.  I plan on going out tomorrow night probably Chinese but I have thought about Pizza too, not sure yet.

One of the girls in the office quit and they didn’t tell me until I was pulling out of the garage.  I had to scramble to get her access shutdown but I did it. Some things just have to wait until you get home.  Then today I found out we are hiring a new person for a different job.  There are a few open positions around here but I suspect we will be fully staffed within a couple months.  All of this hiring, firing and quitting just causes more work for me.  Turn stuff on, buy stuff and then turn it all off.  If I had the money I am spending here on hardware I would be really set for a while.

Feeling like I want a nap since lunch is done.  However, I have so much to do.  My neck still hurts but only for a bit when I wake up.  I pulled something in my leg and if I move wrong my back turns into an electric grid.  I think it’s all in my neck!  A nice glass of wine (which I don’t have) and a muscle relaxer followed by hours of sleep on a cloud should fix it.  Can’t even think of the muscle relaxer until tomorrow night.  I did fluff the pillows but it didn’t help much.  I am certain most of it is stress.

Someone took a bath in perfume today and I got a whiff of that, ever since my nose has been on the fritz.  I want to smell good too but I don’t bathe in cologne. Why people feel the need to over compensate is beyond me, unless they are trying to cover up another odor and if that is the case, invest in a bar of soap it can do wonders to make you smell good. 

Finally I called the mortgage company and now they want me to resend paperwork that I have already submitted.  They say they never got it.  Yeah they did but I am not arguing.  I will resend it all tonight, not exactly how I wanted to spend my evening.  I wonder if I never called them how long it would have taken them to ask me or if they even would have?  I

Back to the salt mine!  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

When you're at home try placing something warm around your neck to relax the muscles and soothe it. Either a hot water bottle (wrapped in a tea towel) or a heating pad on low.

Oh man one of my pet peeves is people who wear FAR too much cologne/perfume!! It makes my nose hairs tickle all day! LOL