02 July 2013


I am not able to remote in to my computer, it probably needs to be rebooted.  Thankfully I have my iPhone or I would be lost without access to my e-mail.

I heard from an attorney that was looking into the appeal process and I was told today that the ruling by the Supreme Court on DOMA only affected Gay Married Couples.  Not couples who were in a Civil Union.  Therefore there is no basis for appeal.  Okay but I am still suing the bastards unless they write me a check.  Doesn't mean I will win but I am doing everything I can to try to get the money that I feel is mine.  If I fail at least I will know that I tried and that is better than wondering what if.

Last night I went shopping again on Amazon.  This time it was a large purchase.  I bought a steam cleaner.  It's a good move, provided it works close to what I rent.  It will be delivered tomorrow so I am anxious.

It's been raining here from the time I got up.  It is in the forecast for the next few days.  Looks like weather wise this holiday weekend might just suck. There are flash flood warnings out so I suppose the commute tonight will be a little longer.  All though it moved pretty quick for a rainy Tuesday to get here.  I made it in good time.

Last night I slept alone.  No one wanted to come in.  Tonight I will be crawling with cats or it's what I suspect.  Felt good to have my twin bed all to myself.  However, my body suspected something was up and I woke up a couple times.  Thankfully I was able to get back to sleep.

Still watching Season 1 of Suits.  I really enjoy this show it takes me away from the hum drum of everyday life. 

After I finished my lunch I thought for a brief second about calling up my partner.  We used to talk at lunch everyday like clock work.  I so miss that.  Even the dull and boring conversations, it was good to hear his voice.  Shame that won't happen again.  Yes, I still miss him.

I've got plans this weekend to kick ass with clean up and trying to get stuff listed for sale.  I am not sure how I will fair but right now I am ready to go.  Who knows I might even do some of his laundry.  My sights are set high but I am not sure when the rubber meets the road how well I will do.  Everything will get done in time. 

The important things are covered, it's taking care of the less important things that I am having my struggles with.  I know I will get there and there is no rush however I am at the stage right now where I just want it all over and done with.  I am ready to move on.  It won't be easy or fun but I am so tired of the constant reminder that he is gone.  I want to relax and finally be able to unwind instead of the constant stress I live under.

Oh yeah I got a horrible surprise in the mail last night.  A bill for $300 for blood work.  It was addressed to me because it's the bill from the blood work I had done almost 3 months ago.  Totally unprepared for it but I wrote a check and paid it.  I can't deal with surprises like that, they always catch me off guard and make me angry.

Well I should scoot back to work.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Of course you still miss him, you will always miss him. ((((hugs))))

Ugh I hate "surprise" bills too, glad to hear you just paid it and got it out of your life. If only everything didn't cost money!

I hope the steam cleaner works well for you. Get some rest on your days off!