05 April 2017

Still going

In case your wondering, I am still going.  April is a rough month for me, more specifically yesterday.  It marked 4 years of my late partners death.  I can’t believe I have been alone for 4 years, it still very much feels like yesterday.  That day always gets me I am paralyzed and chose to isolate myself from the world at large.  I didn’t go to work and slept a good portion of the day away.  I did go out for some pizza at a new place.  It was okay but nothing to write home about.  I am a huge fan of The Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza.  I dropped $25 for a medium pretty decked out and there is plenty left over, so no need to ask what is for supper. 

Back to work today and there isn’t a whole lot going on here.  I’ve got some work to do but I am just not in the mood.  The day is pretty well done so I am just biding my time until we get to go home and play in traffic.  Bad Thunderstorm in the area so I am not so eager to get on the road but I’ll gladly do it because I want to see my furry kids. 

Bear I guess detected that something is going on, he’s been sleeping with me for a few nights.  Marvin stays in because he wants to be by his brother.  So just like old times, the 3 boys.  I like that.  I don’t like it when Bear sees me move in the middle of the night he starts clawing on the box springs but we both know how to push each others buttons.  Just part of stuff you learn when you live with someone for a long period of time. 

I’ve been spending way too much time in the basement with my personal confuser.  Tonight I need to print a stamp out, write a check for my massage tomorrow and then I can come upstairs and be with the kids, enjoy TV and hopefully have a nice evening. 

Yesterday I did spend some time on the phone with AT&T trying to negotiate a better rate for my TV.  They were not accommodating, so I had to drop service in order to reduce my bill.  I gave up HBO to try to get it back for a 3 month free special.  I wound up paying a $5 fee, I didn’t get it free for 3 months but I did get it at 1/2 price for life, so not bad.  I shaved off about $40 per month.  Showtime is gone, no need to keep it because Shameless isn’t on now and that’s all I watched.  Found out I can get it on Amazon for a much cheaper price, so I may elect to get it now to have it.  TV is a rip off we never used to pay for it for the most part when I was a kid, that is until Cable came to town and then oh, I had to have it.  Little did I know that was like crack.  I no longer have access to LOGO and really wanted to keep that, but I didn’t watch it on a regular basis.  So many channels I was paying for that I never watched.  AT&T is probably not happy with me but they are still taking my money.  Funny that all of this started because they sent me an email that freaked me out that I was going to be paying $200 per month for TV & Phone.  That is entirely way too much.  So I called and then the games began.  Funny thing is I wrote a letter to the president and asked for them to adjust my rates like a week prior to this whole thing unfolding yesterday.  I am interested to see what if any response I get from my letter.

Time to wrap things up and prepare to go play in traffic.  At least were close to the weekend.  I always enjoy time off, then again what working person doesn’t?  Take care. 

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