09 April 2017

Weekend Recap

It was beautiful weather here all weekend long!  Saturday was a lazy day for me.  I got out to take Momma to get her blood drawn.  She wasn’t terribly happy about it.  She let me have it all the way home.  Then once we got in the door, I opened the cage door and she went flying out like a bullet.  She had a pink bandage on her leg.  She was running fast and trying to get away from me.  All I wanted to do was remove the bandage, eventually I caught her and fought with her, success bandage removed!  I got in a nap.  Then went out for BBQ Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans topped off with 2 onion rings.  Desert was Cherry Bread Pudding.  The meal was quite expensive for my taste but it was good.  Meatloaf could have been cooked a little bit more.  Service was upscale/snobby and I didn’t enjoy that.  still it was a treat for me that I have been wanting. 

I went shopping for Fat Food (cat food) and stopped by the adoption center for cats.  They were all clamoring for my attention.  I talked to them like they were my own.  I felt that I was finally seen and appreciated.  After on-line dating, sending messages to guy after guy with no response.  Being validated by an animal felt good.  Being validated buy a human being would feel so much better.

Chatted with my friend who lost his wife.  He was out buying condoms, just in case.  He’s hitting up the dating and hookup sites pretty heavily.  I think he is going to get himself into trouble.  Even I don’t have condoms and I am not about to go buy then on the hope that I will get to use them.  Wait until they are needed, then get them.  Otherwise, your wasting your money and getting your hopes up.

We did talk about being invisible on the dating sites, he has experienced it as well.  However, he has also fallen for some scams.  Girls will apparently ask guys to buy an identity verification pass, it’s nothing more than a scam and the sites get all of your vital information, why would they need all of that?  Well it’s ripe for identity theft, being in Information Security this screams out to me run, don’t walk away.  No one has ever asked me to buy such a pass and I didn’t even know they existed.  I am glad that he tipped me off.  Scams and schemes are everywhere someone is always out for your money, no joke!

Came home, unloaded the food, fed the children and then surfed the net.  Oh I did talk with my ISP, I sent a letter to their top brass about the rate increase that I will be faced with in June/July.  Right now I pay $49 which is $10 off regular price.  When that expires it’s going to be $65 per month.  For internet?  Hell I am not getting the 100mpbs they tout.  I am going to work on getting that fixed.  If I bundle in another service they can lower the price but of course they want all 3 services – phone, internet and TV to give me the best bang for my money.  I surfed on-line and found some pricing, it is fantastic but they don’t have 1 DVR to serve the whole house.  You have to get multiples and I don’t like that.  They basically told me there is no help for me and that it’s pay the price or find a new provider.  The lady I spoke with was a pushy bitch who touted their service and she didn’t even know the top speed for my area.  I did find that you can go 1 step higher but it’s another $60 on top of what I am already paying.  But you get faster upload speed.  That’s well and dandy but I don’t send data up, I am usually pulling it down, plus if the new rates are going to put a crimp in things why would I want to pay more money?  I just don’t get it, new customers get all of the breaks and once your past the 1st year they say fuck you and raise the rates, there is no reward for loyalty, no matter which company your with. 

Sunday, Gator got me up early and it’s a good thing.  Steak N Shake was packed.  1 cute waiter in the whole bunch.  He seated me and I watched him like a hawk, I think he knows I like him.  Too bad I already did my recon and know he is straight & has a girlfriend.  Why is it all of the good guys are taken or are straight?  I just want to date – a meal or a drink, have some conversation and maybe stretching things see a movie.  That’s it.  I don’t want to fuck on the first date, I mean I am not against it but I want a second and a third date to build on.

Anyways, hit up the grocery store.  It’s a short week for me 3 working days.  So I was able to go cheap and keep the bill down.  Spent 1/2 as much as I normally do.  Really liked that.  I am on-call next week but only 3 days.  I see the doctor on Thursday.  Friday I took the day for me and I am going to travel, for sure!  I have coverage for my on-call shift for Thursday & Friday.  The draw back is when I go back on-call Saturday it doesn’t stop until Wednesday morning.  Turn about is fair play and I am happy that someone was able to accommodate me.  Time away will be good or so I think.  I’ll try to remember that when I am weeding through 1,000 plus emails and trying to play catch up come Monday. 

Back on track, one of the things I got from the store are Tim Tams.  They are a product of Australia and damn expensive at that.  Made in Connecticut, you’d think they would be cheaper but for the price they charge it would appear they were shipped over from the Aussie Land!  Anyway it’s a cookie they call it a biscuit and it’s covered in chocolate.  In my case Chocolate and Carmel, oh they are damn good.  The box came with 8 biscuits and it was $5.  Try some if you can afford it, they are enjoyable!  So I did the usual Sunday stuff by cleaning the house and finishing up the laundry.  I had to break out short sleeve shirts because it’s going to be warm this week, finally!  I am tired of sweating in long sleeves.  In fact it was pretty warm today and I dread going back upstairs because that is where all of the heat is. 

I signed up for another dating site, 1 month only and have already cancelled the subscription so it doesn’t auto renew on me.  I figure paying might give me an advantage.  You get additional features and get to see who likes you.  Plus you have access to private photos.  I am amazed at the number of people who are dumb enough to post nudes on-line.  Taking nudes is risky and then sending them out well that just adds to the risk.  I hope that my eagerness pays off and I get to chat and date a guy, then I can delete all of those damn apps.  I saw the guy who I had my first date with, he’s on Grinder and looking to hook up with guys.  I blocked him so fast.  I knew there was a reason why he kept asking me to go back to his place, I am glad that I didn’t fall into that trap.

Well time to go spend what is left of the evening with the kids, take in some TV and unwind.  Prepare for a nice slumber and wake up in the morning to realize that Monday is here.  Oh Fuck, off to the races we go. 

I hope all is well in your world and that you had an enjoyable weekend.  Here’s to a great week ahead.   

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