15 April 2017


Last night I was giving Big Boy some fluids.  He wasn’t making any urine so I thought I would help things along.  I had to change needles, did a test run and the fluid was flowing.  I went to stick him, the needle went right through him and into my thumb.  I stabbed myself.  Fuck that hurt.  Thankfully everything was sterile and nothing bad happened to my thumb.  Although I have the strong desire to chase birds now.  Just kidding. 

Went for Pie yesterday and had a decent time.  I enjoyed the drive.  The traffic was crazy once I got to town, so I opted to get in and get out.  I was supposed to look for food for Big Boy and I had plans on hitting up Staples, but it was food, pie and scram.  On the way up I saw a pizza place that advertised Chicago Style Pizza.  I did my research when I got home.  Momma Mia it looked so good. 

Went to the pizza place today.  The place was empty when I walked in, then people started flocking in.  That always used to happen when me and my late partner would visit a restaurant be it local or far away.  Anyway, this cute boy with blond hair greeted me.  Damn he was easy on the eyes.  I did my research on him when I got home and me thinks he’s gay.  He’s got to be in his 20’s if that.  So a little young but I’d happily take him to one of the hotels in the area and have my way with him.  He’s looks just as good as the pizza was.  I’ll be going back not only for the pizza but to look at him.  I also enjoyed the drive today. 

Did some speed testing this morning with my internet connection.  If I go through my router I don’t get the speed that I am paying for.  If I connect the modem straight to my PC, I get the speed I am supposed to and then some.  So I figured a gigabit router would cure this.  Boy was I wrong.  Not sure why but it’s not as fast.  I did make an improvement in WIFI service because my iPhone will go into WIFI Mode for the phone, which it only does when I am at work.  Streaming movies is much faster both on my phone and on my Roku’s.  I didn’t want to break the bank and found a router that was on sale at Best Buy for $79.99.  I thought about buying something more expensive but figured why spend the money.  Gigabit is gigabit.  I’ve combed through all sorts of settings and done some Googling but no such luck.  The setup process was easy but I had the hardest time trying to connect to my security camera.  Turns out my IP changed in the process. I’ve had the same IP for more than 4 years.  I don’t pay for a static IP so it’s subject to change at the will of my ISP.  The trick is finding out when that happens.  If they are going to start doing this regularly I will have to install a piece of software that will send me a text when the IP changes.  It’s pretty neat.  I can always connect to my home PC when I am away from home w/o knowing the IP.  I use a service instead of the built in VPN that is in my router.  From a security perspective it’s much safer because there is 2 Factor Involved.

Ah the dating world.  I’ve had some quick and I do mean quick chats with guys but no one knows how to hold a meaningful conversation.  I am still searching and trying to get a date but I don’t have high hopes for that happening.  Subscriptions will be expiring early next month and I have no plans to renew any of them.  I dropped close to $50 and I really don’t think that was a wise use of my money. 

Got all of my running done today, including grocery shopping.  I get to spend Easter at home.  My friends invited me down for Ham but I declined, just need a day to be me without any pressure for running.  The most I might do and probably won’t even want to is go to Target.  I’ve put it off for 2 weeks, what is one more week.  I am not out of anything that I am going to buy just stocking up. 

Waded through the mud that was my inbox at work last night.  Damn take 2 days off and you get 2,000 messages.  Well it wasn’t quite that bad I had several hundred.  Most of which were junk and useless.  More drama went down while I was out and I am glad that I missed it.  I know that I will hear all about it on Monday but really don’t want to.  More people coming and going, job security.  However, I was just all caught up and that is no longer the case now.  Ah well, you win some and you lose some.  Summer will bring on a flood of new people and then in a couple months they will all be gone, temporary workers.  If they do a good job they will be back in the Fall and hired on full time.  It’s like a try and buy. 

Saw that the lawn people were here today.  Our agreement was for every two weeks, now if he wants to cut it every week that’s fine by me, but I am only paying for 2 cuts not 4 in one month.  Plus the goober hasn’t sent back the signed contract for the bushes, they really need to be done.  Not that I am looking to spend my money but I’ve got it at the moment and have been holding it, I really want the work done so the neighbors don’t kick up a fuss.  Not to mention it will make my place look better. 

Momma was chasing after me to get up stairs.  I picked her up and told her this is my last night where I can stay up.  I am going to take advantage of it and I’ll be upstairs in a wee bit.  Who knows what that means but I am not leaving until I want to.  That little cat isn’t going to run my life tonight.  Every other night no problem but just not tonight.  Got flea medicine on her.  Still have to get Dragon Lady and trim her claws.  That is a challenge that is best left for tomorrow.  Let’s hope it goes off without a hitch. 

Finally, I got peeved enough and sent my pissed off letter to the attorneys that are handing the car case.  I either just bought myself a large legal bill and am about to get fired as a client or I have instilled fear into them.  I did offer an option to take the settlement that is on the table but most of the money goes to me and they only get a pittance, I mean don’t get me wrong I could use their share as well.  However, before we enter into any type of settlement they have to prove to me that there isn’t a larger offer on the table.  Shame I didn’t do this ahead of time but I did my research after the fact and found many unhappy clients.  Most of which got the run around and they stalled long enough that their cases had no merit.  That is exactly what they are trying to do with me.  They know the law but never told me what the requirements are for my state. Had they done that and not taken the case until I met that criteria I would likely have been able to settle this on my own and not have any worry.  Next week should bring about results good or bad.  After I mailed the letter I had second thoughts but after re-reading it I am standing by it.  It’s how I feel, I am pissed and unhappy with the service I have gotten.  One guy says this and then in a week or two, I get a different story.  We were supposed to be litigating this but that is not the case now.  I simply want it done and over with.  The car (knock wood) has been fine.  There are still issues periodically with the infotainment system, but they can be fixed with a master reset.  Since the weather has warmed I’ve had nothing but good luck.  The transmission is still jerky and hesitates but I don’t think the damn thing is going to fall apart on me.  I’d like to get rid of it if I could do that without incurring a huge loss but unless there is some magical different outcome that isn’t going to happen.  I will be driving this black bastard for a while.  I was thinking on my drives this weekend how fortunate I am to be able to afford a high end model of a car.  There were many positives I thought about, which helped drowned out the negatives.  So some sunshine and change of scenery was all I needed to help cure my blues. 

That’s a wrap.  Hope your all doing well.  Happy Easter!  Time for me to get hopping on to other things.  Be well and we will talk again next week.   

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