20 April 2017

Dating Frustration

Found 2 guys on Grindr that were appealing.  Reached out to both of them.  One guy answers back tells me he’s sorry but he is seeing someone but he can be my friend.  Okay I can always use another friend.  I responded back and thanked him for his response.  Not sure if I will hear from him again.  It would have been nice if he updated and/or deleted his profile.

This afternoon I got an alert that someone liked me on an app..  I checked him out and chose to match with him.  I got a message within minutes.  Keep in mind my profile on all of the sites I am on, list what I am looking for.  We did the pleasantries and when we got into the conversation he was looking for someone to score with now.  He asked me what I was into.  I told him not a 1 night stand.  That was fine with him.  I wrote back and asked him if that was a deal breaker.  He responded with Kissing, Cuddling and Fucking.  A simple yes would have done just fine.  I didn’t bother to respond and blocked him. 

It is tempting to take some of these guys up on their offers, I mean I’d like a man.  However, 5 minutes of pleasure could easily wind up causing me a lifetime of pain and I don’t have time for that.  Prep is really popular but not something that I want to start on.  I have no reason to be on it and from what I understand once you start taking it, you can’t stop.  You also have to be religious about taking it each and every day.  There are no skip days.  Hell everyone needs a skip day from something or someone. 

This is kind of depressing and makes me want to give up.  I am ready for a break.  People don’t read, aren’t respectful and often don’t respond.  I just don’t get it. 

Last night before I left work I had to use the restroom, when I came back to my desk to get my things to walk out my desk phone was ringing off the hook.  It was the car attorney.  They apparently can’t read English.  I asked for a licensed attorney to deal with going forward.  They had the fuck up for a case manager call me and tell me they want to settle.  Yeah I guess you do, especially since they are likely hiding something from me and I just came right out and told them, that I thought there were multiple ethics violations occurring.  It would be easier to be transparent with me instead of trying to duck and dodge when I ask a question or am looking for documents. I have no plans to return the call.  If I am stuck dealing with this idiot then I prefer everything be in writing that can be letters back and forth or an email, makes no difference to me.  I just don’t trust these people any longer. 

I noticed this morning when it was time to take my morning pills that the T for Thursday slot was empty.  Apparently I took them last night instead of taking my evening pills.  That would explain why my balance is all out of sorts.  I’ve got way too much blood pressure medicine flowing through my system along with other things that are only meant to be taken 1 time a day.  I was flustered with Big Boy last night and apparently my auto pilot instincts were wrong and I inadvertently crashed the plane but didn’t know it until this morning.  Got to be more careful.  I found myself in thought when I was driving in, suddenly I was thrust into reality and became aware of my surroundings.  It was scary because I didn’t remember traveling to where I was.  It was like a time warp.

Speaking of traffic.  Last night I was making a left turn to go home.  It’s at an intersection with traffic lights.  I had the right of way but there is a guy on a trike coming from the other direction.  He notices a gap in traffic and sees that I am about to pull out, so he speeds up with the hope of preventing me from moving.  I called his bluff and even stopped and stared at him for a moment before he had to slow down.  He was pissed and foaming at the mouth.  I just smiled and drove on.  Don’t fuck with me, I should make a bumper sticker and put it on the front and back of my car.  I know that would only serve to entice people but if your going to play with the bull, you have to prepare to get the horns.  We all know I am horny!

On that note it’s back to work.  Lots of drama today, ready to go home and see my kids.  Curl up on the couch and call it a day.  Last Thursday was much more fun!

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