26 April 2017

Here Today … Gone Tomorrow

Yesterday and today have been very trying days for me.  First, I requested some documentation that I was entitled to from my car attorney and because of that they withdrew from my case.  We had an offer on the table and were about to settle and presto it all vaporized before my eyes.  As you can well imagine that pissed me off and I was very angry.  It’s obvious that they are trying to hide or cover something up and I suspect if I found out that I would have a better case than what I have at present for malpractice.  I am taking steps to remediate this and also get my money.  If I need to I will hire another attorney but really don’t want to.  If I can take care of it on my own, then I don’t have to share my money with anyone and that is music to my ears.

This morning I was about to walk out the door when I noticed Bear in distress.  He kept trying to go to the bathroom but nothing was coming out.  I opted to stay home and forego work even though I would have rather been there.  My family comes first.  I took a couple minutes to let everyone at work know that I would be out for the day.  I came back upstairs and there it was, he went to the bathroom.  I figured crisis averted.  Nope he was just resting.  It started up again and I called the vet.  Of course as soon as I hung up the phone, he went to the bathroom.  Now I was on the fence about what to do.  He’s had these spells before and I just give him some stool softener and he is fine.  I opted to go to the vet.  Found out that they give cats enemas when they think they are constipated.  They tried to get me to sign up for blood work, claiming there was a mass in his neck and it’s likely Thyroid related.  I decided to skip that because if he has Thyroid problems they won’t prescribe his steroid which is what is keeping him alive, well that and God.  If the Thyroid came back normal then we would have the Cancer issue to deal with again and this time it wouldn’t be invisible.  Unless it’s a dire emergency and I am delusional about the outcome, no one is ever cutting on him again. 

Now the fun part.  They gave him the enema and I said so are we waiting.  The technician said if you want to I can get him a litter box.  I was like no, let’s let him shit all over your counter.  She did.  I didn’t bother to clean it up, they charged me a biohazard fee so I figured they were paid to clean it up.  A biohazard fee of all things, they claim it’s for OSHA compliance.  Sounds like bullshit to me.  He went some more when we got home.  He was so stressed out he started throwing up.  Poor guy I felt bad for him.  The sadder part of this story is that he now only weights 22 pounds.  That is quite a bit of weight loss for him.  So it sounds like something is going on.  I feel the end is fast approaching but I am cautiously optimistic.  He’s still being picky about what he wants to eat.  I think in general he doesn’t feel that well but he is putting on a brave front for me.  I am watching him closer than normal and hope that I am not faced with making a decision about ending his life.  I told the vet all of my cats worry me but I am most concerned about him, he’s been through the ringer.  I wasn’t seeing my regular vet so it was like I was educating a 2 year old who didn’t take time to read his chart.  That wasn’t much fun either.

I did get some time to take care of my issues with the car attorney and the steps I am taking to recover.  I really think that I’m the guy that is uncovering something massive and a law firm that has fucked over hundreds of people.  It’s like stepping on a landmine.  If what I suspect is true hopefully myself along with others will get some compensation for our aggravation.  Only time will tell on that note. 

Need to get the trash ready for tomorrow night.  Going to try to spend some extra time with da Bears and hopefully cheer him up a little bit.  I hated to stress him out and vacuum out my wallet but at the same time I am kind of happy we went over.  He has to feel much better.  They sent me home with 1/2 of the enema to give to him tonight if needed or I can hold it for a later date.  It’s just a syringe filled with some blue liquid that looks like windshield washer fluid.  At least I won’t be going back to work telling people that I had to give my momma an enema, that would sure get them talking.  Everyone knows Bear.  I have a couple co-workers ask about him frequently. 

I hope your Tuesday & Wednesday was much better than mine and didn’t involve any shit.  I just had to say it.  Might as well laugh, it feels way better than crying.  I’ll talk with you all again soon.  Be well.  2 more days until the weekend, ah something to look forward to!!

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