06 April 2017

Amanda Hugnkiss

Yes it’s true I am looking for a Man to Hug n Kiss.  You can thank Lance Bass for that, I heard it used on his Sirius radio show that is no more.  Kind of funny!

On that topic last weekend I was at the pet food store, I stopped by to talk with their vet to get a renewal script so I could purchase food for Big Boy.  There was this fucking awesome looking guy at the dog tag machine.  I looked at his ass and thought oh the things I would like to do to you.  When I went to check out I found myself checking out his ass again.  I took a creeper shot of it.  No one but the security cameras saw me, so I think I am safe.  Wow that was a pretty bold move for me, getting caught would have been embarrassing but I didn’t do anything illegal.  Immoral probably. 

So I have had this craving to jump back on Grindr and last night I took the plunge.  I signed up for a 1 week trial of their premium account.  It wasn’t long before I saw another guy who looks too good to be true.  I got up the nerve this morning to message him and now I am waiting on a reply.  I have checked periodically all morning long.  Thus far nothing.  One feature they took away from Grindr was to be able to specify the distance you want your search to encompass.  I am seeing guys from up to 500 miles away.  Thankfully the guy I am interested in is local.  I have my fingers crossed and my hopes up, but in reality I don’t expect much. I know it’s Grindr but I specifically put myself out there as interested in Dates & Relationships and spell out in my profile that I don’t want a one night stand. 

Best news ever, is I got the subscription notice from Apple and I never put a new credit card number on file so if I forget to cancel it won’t renew.  However, it’s on my radar to fix.  Not sure if I want the subscription to renew even though it’s only $11.  I hate paying for dating apps, they play on your emotions and get you to fork over your money in the hopes that you will fall in love.  It simply doesn’t work out like that for most people. 

On the car front I heard from my attorney today.  Looks like were at a stand still until I have some additional repair attempts made that are unsuccessful.  Otherwise this thing is likely going to fizzle out.  I don’t think that my attorney is being 100% honest with me and I think the offer on the table is much more than what I am being told.  I’ve asked for copies of correspondence twice and they are silent.  That is rather odd because what I am requesting is likely correspondence that sets forth the offer. If they are trying to hide or dodge me, they clearly don’t know who they are fucking with.  I get what I want, it may take time and I may get frustrated and want to give up but my resolve is to see it through until I get what I am owed or find that all avenues have been pursued and I have no other choice in the matter.  Simply put, I don’t give up!  That should be apparent to them since I hired them to help me with this fiasco.  The downside is that I have to keep the car until this is settled one way or another. 

Today was pretty good, over all.  Looking forward to Friday.  Hope all is well in your world.  Take care and wish me luck!

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