22 April 2017

New Obsession

I’ve seen seeing posts about 13 Reasons and didn’t know what it was, until I stumbled across it on Netflix.  From the moment I saw the first episode I was hooked.  It has become my new obsession.  Each episode is one hour and it’s really intense.  This morning I was watching an episode about to fall asleep when something happened and it made me become wide eyed awake.  This is pretty intense and I am eager to see how it all plays out.  Looks like this might be a new series for Netflix they have this labeled as season one.  If this is something that drags on forever I will be sorry that I got involved.  Right now it’s interesting and is evoking a lot of thoughts and emotions from me.  Some good and some bad. 

I did manage to take a break and get my hair cut.  I also talked myself in and out of and then back into going to get pizza.  Saw the cute guy but he didn’t wait on me and I waited far too late in the day to stop by.  The place was packed.  I got something different this time and it was just as enjoyable as my first visit.  Looks like this is my new pizza place and since it’s only a 1/2 hour from home it’s nice to go in a different direction and get a change of scenery.  The car enjoyed the ride as well.  Now if we could get rid of all of the pollen so my black car was actually black instead of covered with this yellow haze.  Ick. 

Big boy was trying my patience this morning and being a shit.  His sister joined in to double team me and then Marv started.  3 against 1 isn’t fair play.  I poured a slight amount of water on Big Boy and that ended the whole damn thing.  He scurried out of my room in disbelief that I did that.  He’s been playing me all week long when it comes to food time.  I have had my fill of it.  He can’t communicate in a language I understand as for what flavor of food will be enjoyable.  We communicate in other ways on other things but that one is a tough one to break through.  Everyone is doing fine and all is forgiven or so I think.

I slept in my late partners bed last night, after watching 13 Reasons it just felt like the right thing to do.  I jabbered away at him before I fell asleep.  I woke up and my shoulders and neck are all messed up.  Maybe that bed isn’t so good for me or maybe I just need new pillows.  Either way I think I will be trying to stick to my own bed tonight.  Might have to kick some kids out but so be it.  I figured I would wake up feeling great. 

Breakfast was eaten by all at home this morning.  I typically go out but thought I would save my money for pizza.  Going out for breakfast tomorrow and doing the usual grocery shopping.  Typical Sunday, oh boy just can’t wait.  I was being sarcastic there. 

Gay dating has been just as trying.  I got liked by two fake profiles.  Guys that I know are porn stars and based in CA but yet the app shows they are within mere miles of me.  Doubtful.  I rejected both and reported them.  Don’t understand why people have to be fake.  I saw a cute younger guy and we matched, started a conversation.  Turns out his profile was fake as well, he was a porn model and allegedly was looking to hook up and then said we could date and he would do whatever I just had to sleep with him tonight.  Yeah, uh no I am not falling for that one.  Go meet someone that I have no idea what they look like because of a fake profile photo.  The next thing you know you’d never hear from me or if you did I would be writing a sad story.  I may look dumb but I am not stupid.  Still looking for Mr. Right but in a few short weeks my subscriptions will all end and then this will come to an abrupt halt or so that is the plan at the moment. 

My grass has been cut each and every week this month.  My contract is for bi-weekly service.  I will admit it looks like having it done every week but it’s something that I just can’t afford.  I thought about saying something but I am going to wait for the bill to arrive, he may catch his mistake and eat it or he could just invoice me for bi weekly service and I will get lucky.  I am hoping for that but realize that I will likely get a bill for all 4 weeks of service, at which point I will protest.  I won’t say this up front but I am willing to pay for 1 extra week but that is as much as I will budge.  It’s not my fault you told your people to do the work when we contracted for something different.  I am also still waiting on the bushes and trees to be trimmed. 

Well off to take care of laundry and then backup stairs to watch the next episode of my obsession.  I still have pie left so might as well have some of that to enjoy with the TV show.  I really hope that I can cram in the rest of the series tonight.  I need to be productive at some point and tomorrow is fine for that. 

Hope all is well in your world.  Take care.

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