19 April 2017

Fixed it on my own

Ever since I got my new router the speed issue has bothered me.  I have tinkered with it here and there.  Last night my tinkering paid off.  I’ve got a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for my Cable Modem & Wireless Router.  It offers surge protection for a network connection and I was using it.  Turns out that when I stopped using that, my issue of speed has resolved.  I now get my gigabit speed and the blazing fast 100mpbs that my cable provider is charging me for.  Wow, it’s like  whole new world.  I even get that same speed on my mobile phone when it’s on WIFI.  Videos play faster, updates take less time and I am way more happier.  Should mean less buffering issues when I watch a movie, not that I had a lot of them but it would come up on occasion. 

The thing that has me perplexed now is WIFI, before the signal strength was awesome, now it’s just okay.  I had to unhide my SSID because of my car but out side of that nothing has changed.  I opened my guest WIFI Network to see how it would work, yuk I don’t like that at all.  There is a flaw in the way it was designed and even though you set a password, anyone can get on and start surfing to their hearts content.  I shut that down quicker than you can say turn it off now.  If you don’t have your WIFI Network protected with a password, you are asking for trouble.  All it takes is for someone to borrow your signal to surf kiddy porn or do something illegal, get caught and when the IP Address is exposed it comes back to you.  Even though you had no knowledge you can still be charged.  It’s happened to several people.  So password protect your network if your not doing so already. 

My co-worker is out sick today, she came back yesterday but it was too soon.  Today she is paying the price for that.  I expect she will return tomorrow but from the way it sounds she should call it a week, stay home and rest up.  So she is better and ready to go on Monday.  Probably wouldn’t hurt her to go to the doctor, who could likely speed things along, but that’s her call.  If things are as bad as she tells it, and it were me I’d be at the Doctor and not playing with Nyquil.  I am getting hammered with requests but it’s okay makes the day move faster.  Some how people figure out when she is out and that is usually when all of the weirdness starts to appear.

In fixing my network issue I managed to do something to my lower back.  It hurt like hell when I got up in the middle of the night.  Still hurts now and my body told me to stay home.  Funny thing as I was checking my mail this morning and contemplating taking the day off, that’s when I got the email that my co-worker would be out.  I figured well you have to go in now.  I didn’t but it’s far better that I pushed myself to make it in. 

Ah, Wednesday I’m done with being on-call.  Not too many issues to deal with.  I get a break now for the rest of this week and all of next, then it will be back to it.  I am really looking forward to the weekend and going to eat some pizza and stare at a cute guy, ah the drool is forming as I speak.  Speaking of cute guys, I saw one last night on Grindr.  The profile really spoke to me, were looking for the same thing.  My brain said mark him as a favorite and reach out later.  My little voice said, message him now.  So I sent a message and guess what just like all of the others, he didn’t bother to respond.  It makes me feel that I am defective and doing something wrong.  I am ready to call it quits, watch my porn and call it a day.  However, I may take a break but I doubt that I will give up my search entirely although it’s very tempting.  You can’t get hurt if your not looking.  There is also a contractor that just started working for us, I checked him out long before he started.  Young but looks pretty good.  We met the other day and it was semi-awkward.  He seemed really shy.  He came in the bathroom this morning and was checking himself out in the mirror.  He’s trying to impress someone but I don’t know who.  He was looking at his ass in the mirror and I fully expected him to ask me if the pants he had on made his ass look fat.  He didn’t utter a single word.  I finished up washing my hands and went back to work, thinking wow.  He’s kind of hot.  I would like to make a pass and see what happens.  I mean that’s the thing about IRL (In Real Life) when your face 2 face, you can’t just ignore the other person.  You figure out real quick if they like you, they are offended or if they are mad and going to pummel you. 

In the cat department, Big Boy is continuing his being picky about what he eats.  He’s just doing it to fuck with me because he knows I’ll crumble.  We spent time together last night on the couch.  He’s also back in the habit of sleeping with me, just like old times.  Marv comes in and we all go to sleep.  That is except for last night.  I turned off the lights and Marvin found his ball and he was playing.  He has to crow when he plays.  I thought he wanted out and got up to open the door, nope he was playing.  I laid back down and it took a bit but I got to sleep.  I was up in the middle of the night a couple times and wound up kicking him out.  He likes to stay close to his brother.  Those two really have quite the bond and I am so jealous of that but I also admire it at the same time.  The girls follow suit but they get all emotional and get pissed at each other often.  The boys, just play it out and it’s done.  I like that then again I am a guy. 

That leads me into my next segway.  When I was having my blood drawn there are new questions by law that they have to ask you.  First, what sex were you born.  Second, what sex do you identify as.  Third, what is your gender pronoun.  I get it but seriously never thought these questions would be so mainstream and they would be so frank about asking.  It’s kind of a bit invasive and I can see it causing some people discomfort.  Like the 85 year old man or the 85 year old woman.  Wowza!

Well back to it, lunch is done and it’s back to the salt mine.  Hope all is well and that the sun is shining in your world. 

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