25 April 2017


We got our gift today at work for appreciation week.  It’s a lunch box, oddly enough something that I was in the market to buy.  It’s not super fancy but it is very nice.  Plus it’s going to save me some money.  I keep my lunch at my desk, something about being in control.  Anyway for those people who put their lunch in the fridge it’s going to be confusing as hell because everyone's bag looks alike.  I’ll be writing my name somewhere on mine just to be different.  Interested in what the rest of the week holds for us.  It’s jeans all week but I haven’t partaken in that yet.  I really like my Dockers they are comfortable, pockets are really roomy and they make me look good.  I really like that last one.

It’s only 3:30p here but it could be 5p, this is the longest day.  Nothing to look forward to watching on TV tonight.  Not terribly happy about that.  I am sure I will find something.  Caught the latest episode of The Circus last night, it was interesting. 

Da Bears is still being a picky guy when it comes to food.  I am not quite sure how to break him of his habit of demanding different food.  I say no but he knows I don’t mean it and that I will give in because I am soft like that.  He’s my baby and I’ll do anything for him.  Spoiled rotten and that is why I need a huge pay raise.  I was thinking about how much money I could save if I didn’t have pets at all.  No food, litter, medicine and water.  That all adds up but there is no price I can put on their companionship.  I guess for the rest of it there is Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, a 2nd Mortgage on the house, etc.  Point is that it’s only money.

Going to fetch the mail after work, see what fresh hell that brings me and enjoy the rest of my left over food.  Just got some work to do so that will help occupy my time.  Hope your Tuesday is all good.  Talk with you again soon.

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