24 April 2017


It’s that time again to start yet another week.  I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning and even contemplated staying home but once I got moving everything was fine.  It was a pretty good weekend I must say.  I’ve got lots of great food to go home to.  I didn’t need to make the casserole but I did and can’t wait for supper. 

It’s administrative professionals week or as other people refer to it as secretary's week.  In years past we have had a catered lunch complete with wait staff.  This year they scaled way back.  We got cup cakes today.  Tomorrow is some gift.  Wednesday were getting a visitor, bet it’s Santa Clause.  Thursday and Friday are food days again with some kind of treat.  I’d rather just have lunch and the gift like we did in years past.  However, they didn’t ask me so I have to play along. 

It’s been a super boring day.  Started off busy enough but now it’s like uh what can I do?  I am waiting for something from a department so I can finish processing a new person that they just told us started today.  Wow, welcome to confusion where we like to do things at the 11th hour.  Fuck I just hate it when things like this happen but they are pretty common place in my position, sad to say. 

Checked on the kids and Bear is trying to hide under the couch.  He’s left his tail and legs out but he’s moving around and changes it up throughout the day.  Still very picky when it comes to eating but he is using the bathroom at least once per day.  I am happy with that but would like to see more urine.  He does scare me but I can honestly say I have done everything I can for him, he’s suffered in pain a little bit in his lifetime but I’ve done my best to make sure that he doesn’t have any pain.  I don’t want any of my kids to be in pain. 

Since were on the subject of kids and pain. Ruth came in last night I was scratching her, she left.  I watched TV.  She came back and started crowing.  I scratched her some more.  I stopped for a second, she moved slightly and the next thing you know she was smacking my hand with her paw.  Gee sensitive little thing. 

The electric blanket is gone and it’s back to just a comforter and top sheet.  Kind of nice but there are moments when I miss the blanket.  It also made it easier for Gator to get under the covers.  She loves to hide to get warm and that blanket is one of her favorite things. 

One day down, 4 more to go.  Looking forward to another weekend, always enjoy time away.  Plus it’s payday this week.  My money is already spent but at least it’s comforting to know that it’s coming so that I can stay in my house another month.

Hope your Monday was good.  Talk with you again soon.

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