23 April 2017


Well I finished 13 Reasons last night.  I was up until around midnight but was thankful to get through the series.  I wish something like this would have been around when I was in high school.  It would have helped a lot of kids I think.  I don’t recall anyone taking their own life when I was in school.  There was a girl who was murdered on campus, after hours.  There was another kid that I had class with that went home sick and asphyxiated on his own vomit.  There were a few other deaths that took place mostly from disease.  It’s tragic when anyone dies but more so when it’s a young person.  I understand the pain because I have experienced it myself both as a teenager and as an adult.  Throw in the gay factor and that just amps up the pain.  Despite wanting many times to cash out, I am still here. 

Now I am trying to be productive with my day but I just want to go watch more TV and I am going to give in.  I am working on laundry but know that a nap will be coming on soon.  I am pretty much on track for the weekend as it stands. 

I did some research on PrEP which is a medication for HIV negative people to take to build up protection against HIV.  It’s what all of the players, as in guys who have hookups are taking.  It’s interesting how it works.  I decided to see what my insurance would cover if I asked my doctor for it.  Much to my surprise I’ve got good coverage.  90 days would cost me $85.00 but the plan would wind up paying over $213 thousand dollars for a years supply.  That is one freaking expensive medicine.  It’s all because there is no generic and the brand name has a patent.  The manufacture is reaping the profits from it.  Kind of makes me wish I had a medicine to patent.  If you want the medicine an HIV test is mandatory and you have to get tested while your on the drug.  There is a 1% infection rate, meaning that the medicine protects 99% of the guys who take it, but there is still 1% that get infected.  Plus this drug won’t protect you from other STD’s, just HIV.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 5 minutes of pleasure isn’t worth a lifetime of pain.  I don’t see the need for me to start taking this drug, considering my sexual history consists of self pleasure.  Now if I wanted to start playing the field then it would be a different story.  While it sounds nice to have meaningless sex I think psychologically it would hurt me, especially so if I wanted to be with the same guy but he only wanted a one time fling. 

I swore off technology, with the exception of streaming Netflix from around 10p last night until I woke up this morning.  I powered off my PC and shut my smart phone down.  It was tough I wanted to fiddle with something and check on my on-line dating.  However, the break was refreshing.  It’s something that I force myself to do from time to time.  No one is going to call me, text me or send me anything of importance if I am not on-call for work.  I don’t hide the fact that I don’t have many friends but it’s not something I am proud of either.  I’d love to change that but that may or may not happen. 

Well back to the laundry and my Sunday adventure.  Thought about washing the car but checked the forecast and there is rain in the works.  Why waste money when nature will take care of it for me?  I just wish nature had a spot free rinse.  That would be the best. 

I want to rearrange my desk at work and move everything around.  It would easily take me an hour.  I have thought about going into do that but hell I’ll be there tomorrow.  Plus I have to change my password.  Trying to think up a new password is a challenge and with all of the systems I have to touch that process can be 45 minutes to an hour just to update every system.  I wish more of our systems would use SSO which is known as Single Sign On, meaning you only need 1 password and not 100 passwords.  There is construction taking place today on my normal route to work and the cops have made it clear they will be out in force to make sure no one is speeding.  I am sure I’d get a ticket and rearranging my desk is not worth a speeding ticket.  So like I said back to my Sunday adventure. 

Having left over pizza and also heating up a casserole because there won’t be anything left for a quick dinner on Monday.  I always look forward to Sunday leftovers on a Monday.  It’s like one of the better things to happen on a Monday. 

Talk with you again soon.

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