06 June 2016

Seriously, Bored

Day 1 of training was horrible.  First, they told me the class started at 7a and it didn’t start until 7:30a.  Then the instructions they distributed were new so there were/are kinks to work out.  It just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  Started out okay but things got progressively worse.  I was climbing the walls because I wanted to do nothing but leave.  A regular work day isn’t this bad.  I stopped trying to do the exercises and just sat back and watched them when we did a review.  There were also some technical issues and the whole damn thing just made for a super long day.  I made sure the AC was pumped up in the office so it was like a freezer.  I did that on purpose.  We ended at 4p and I literally ran out of the office.  I was never so happy in my life to see my car.  Almost got into an accident leaving the garage but outside of that my commute home was fine.  Nice to be able to have an evening, I am thinking of possibly asking my boss for different hours.  What a concept time to kill. 

Got the mail and came home.  Looked forward to seeing the family.  I was reviewing baby (kitten) photos last night.  Gosh they were so small, never thought they would ever get so big.  Especially Bear.  I found him in the smaller bed, all curled up.  He sprung to life once he heard a can crack.  He spun around and was ready for food.  I fed him, went to take care of myself and came back he had eaten a little bit and turned his nose up at the rest.  So I had to crack a smaller can for him, something more expensive but much more to his liking.  What can I say he has expensive taste as they all do, but daddy has only so much money to go around.  He ate some of that. 

I had Chicken & Mushroom Ravioli from Bertolli, for a frozen dinner it was damn good.  They could give you more but it’s really delicious.  Then retired for a while to the couch.  Watched Momma’s Family the TV show not the children.  Then Bear started crying because he wanted attention.  I found it really easy to get down on the floor but it was hell to try to get back up again. 

Came downstairs to surf the net to hopefully find something of interest, be it something to read or some porn.  Nothing doing, the internet is like TV there is just nothing on. 

I am lonely and thinking way too much about my ‘co-worker’ who I am not friends with anymore.  I’ve got it bad for him but know that not only will we never ‘hookup’ but we won’t ever have what we had before.  That is kind of sad and depressing to me.  I think I need a guy or at least something new that is of interest to me.  I don’t mean a new problem or something new to be concerned about.  We all know far to well that life has dealt me quite the hand.  I am looking to change that and make my life better.  It’s a slow task but I am confident that I will get there in the end.

Going to go on litter box duty and then back upstairs to pass out treats, prepare for another day and probably surf my phone.  Checking into Social Media and Dating apps.  Hopefully then it will be time to call it a night.  I was super groggy this morning but I did stay up to watch John Oliver last night, it was a really good show!

Looking forward to Wednesday, not only will I be back to a normal schedule but Young & Hungry and Baby Daddy will be back on, I enjoy both of those shows.  Well there you have it my Monday.  Let’s hope that Tuesday goes a little bit better and maybe that class will let out a little early so that I can get my taco on! 

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