08 June 2016

Tacos on Tuesday

They let us out a half hour early from training yesterday.  I bolted like a stray dog.  Got to the bar and it was packed.  Luckily I found a table in the corner.  Sat down and had my food in 10 minutes.  Fresh from the deep fryer and it was on fire hot.  Not spicy hot but temperature hot.  I ate normal speed and by the time I downed the 2nd taco I was wondering what on earth I had gotten myself into.  I finished all 4 of them and drank two soda, all while having to use the bathroom.  I paid the bill and bolted home where I was able to use the restroom.  Fed the children and then out the door again to get my hairs cut.  There was this cute guy in the chair getting his hair cut as well, I wanted to see more of him and potentially express my interest but his stylist finished with him while I was getting my shampoo.  Damn!  I drove to the post office and there was no mail but I thought I would check anyway.  Was talking with my stylist about my eye lash issue she told me there are eyelash combs and eyelash brushes, so I ordered one along with a curler, hopefully I won’t hurt myself and can fix this problem w/o plastic surgery.

I checked the other day on the status of my application for the credit card and now I am not in the system.  So I figure they probably lost their mind and approved me.  I am really hoping so, not that I need the credit but this one is more to prove a point.  Back when I filed for Bankruptcy my attorney told me that any one I file against would never extend credit to me again.  That so far has proven to be a true statement.  Places like AMEX and CitiBank hold grudges at least where I am concerned thus far.  Both have encouraged me to apply again in the future but I suspect that is so they can tell me no again. 

Spent a fair amount of time on the computer last night.  Still had some left over time for the kids.  Bear was really hungry for attention.  He made two separate messes so that he could get two mini baths.  Anything to make me have to interact with him.  I get it he’s lonely.  I wish that he could climb up on the furniture it would be so much easier to shower him with affection.  He’s got a new trick where he is starting to wash his hind legs.  It really sucks the wind out of his lungs but he gives it a go and doesn’t stop until he’s happy.  Glad to see that he still has an interest in maintaining his appearance.  Such a good boy!

Back to normal today.  Feels like I have been on vacation for two days.  I woke up super early but then realized that I could go back to bed.  Marvin kept telling me to get up and I kept telling him to shut up.  I won until the next time I woke up, what an alarm clock he is.  So plenty to do here and it’s 5 minutes before I start getting into some afternoon meetings.  Hope all is well in your world.

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