14 June 2016

Good News

I learned that Charlie Puth is going on tour again in the US and he is coming to my city.  Tickets go on sale later this week and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be doing my very best to get a ticket to go see him.  I want to know that I have the ticket before I book time off.  He will be here on a Monday so that means I will be taking a Monday and Tuesday off.  I am giddy like a school girl over this and very much looking forward to seeing him preform live again.  Not only is he good looking he has an amazing voice.  No doubt that he has a very bright future ahead of him!



We made it to Tuesday.  Lots of news about the tragedy has come out of Orlando.  I saw today that the killers wife tried to talk him out of this.  Uh yeah I said wife.  I had no idea he was married.  I don’t understand why a married man would frequent a gay night club. What I don’t understand is that if his wife knew of his intentions why she didn’t call the police.  Now for all I know maybe she did but that wasn’t in the short blurb I read.  I was really surprised that he was married.  I also heard about a pastor who had a service that the world was rid of a bunch of pedophiles.  Really, but when the media reached out for comment the coward is no where to be found.  If your going to make statements like that then you should be man enough to face the press and answer the questions that the media has.  The article I read said that he referenced older scriptures.  Funny thing is that the Bible is an interpretation, do you know how many things get lost in translation?  Besides that if your going to quote the Bible for homosexuality then you shouldn’t be upset when someone quotes it back to you and tells you how you are not living up to the word either.  I mean were all sinners, none of us are perfect.  I just don’t understand why we can tolerate and get along better.  It would make the world so much more enjoyable to live in. 

Got my blood work results and my A1C is lower, as I predicted.  I am pretty proud of it and hope that in 3 more months the number is even lower.  Getting my diabetes in order is a huge priority for me but I still can’t seem to turn off that sweet tooth.  I wish my body were in better shape than round and that I had the abs of a Greek God but that is not who I am.  I sent the results off to the doc last night via fax and am mailing him a copy today.  The hospital where I went to have the work done doesn’t always communicate with him because he is not on staff.  There have been plenty of times where I have had to try to get the results so I could send them to him.  Now thanks to the electronic requirements of health care and patient portals it’s pretty easy to get results.  The hard part was getting them redacted so I didn’t clutter up the picture and show him much older data.

The children are doing okay.  Mr. Bear started to hang out at the top of the stairs, in my room and that kind of worried me.  He was away from his bed/litter box and didn’t use it for a couple days.  Instead he peed on the carpet, despite me putting down pee pads for him.  I wanted to ring his neck but I just sluffed it off.  Better to have him going than not.  I got him back to the bed/litter box last night and I told him today before I left to leave me a mess to come home to in his bed.  He knows what I mean and hopefully he will obey.  I need to know that he is going, ever since he blocked I am more scared than ever and watch his output like a hawk. 

Ruth’s stomach gave her a fit on Sunday but appears that she is back to normal now.  I got to give her a good back scratch last night.  She loves it.  I told her everyone likes having their back scratched.  I wish that I could train her to do mine but with those sharp claws it would be murder.  She has really warmed up to me and I am so happy about that.  I want us to get closer but it’s totally up to her.  They all know how to work me, I think that is a secret they happily share amongst themselves. 

My replacement for my old job started yesterday.  He is ramping up but he still has lots to learn.  I’ve given him a lot to digest but someone else is working with him on the day to day stuff.  I have told him I am happy to help and to reach out if he has questions.  Can’t do much more than that.  It’s like a cat you can put water in front of them but you can’t make them drink it. 

Lunch is almost over and it looks like I will be going to a cluster of a meeting.  This is the dreaded Tuesday project meeting about mobile device management.  It looked like it was coming together but has slowly fallen apart again.  The jury is still out on if I will need to purchase another phone.  I am monitoring the situation pretty closely.  If I do have to get another phone I will probably do something that is pre-paid to help keep costs under control.  For now it’s just 1 phone.  New iPhone should be coming out this fall and if I were to upgrade my present phone that would be the time I acted. 

I hope all is well.  Time to get back to it.  Take care.

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