29 June 2016

Burning for you

A great song by Blue Oyster Cult, but in this case I am physically burning when I travel home each day.  My left ear gets the sun and then it’s on fire by the time I get home.  This just started not sure why other than my ear is in sunlight.  It’s common if I am traveling to get my face and ears a little red and sunburnt.  However, just one ear hasn’t happened before.  Funny thing is my ear isn’t sun burnt, which I also find rather odd.  I tried to use the visor to shield my ear from the sun but the visor is too short and does me no good.  This morning I raised my seat and my head is much closer to the ceiling of my car than I care for.  However if this does the trick then I will be a happy guy.  The next idea I have is to buy sunblock and bring it to work, then apply some just before I leave.  Having fair sensitive skin sucks but it’s the only skin I will ever have, might as well enjoy it. 

Tomorrow I get my American Flag shirt with the rainbow color strip on it.  Just in time to celebrate Americas Birthday.  I ordered it for that reason to be able to wear it on the 4th but also to have another pride shirt.  It’s only my 2nd but I think I will be starting a collection. 

So were doing this MDM (Mobile Device Management) initiative at work and the product that was chosen can really allow an administrator to dig into your personal life, if they so wanted or needed.  I’ve talked about this before.  Now we are at the point where my boss is asking me to join my phone to the app.  Funny thing is we are the beta testers and everyone that is testing says the same thing, this is a POS and has one complaint after another  I like the present arrangement so the access they have is limited.  However, since we are being pushed I am giving some thought to coming out to my boss and explaining that my phone and my personal life are separate from my job.  I allow the company to give me access to my corporate email and they in turn compensate me.  However, if I am forced into this new MDM solution I will have to get a second phone.  I mean it’s one thing for me to tell my boss that I am gay , have pictures of naked men on my phone and dating apps – but it’s another ball game to take the risk of letting someone else find that on their own and do who knows what with my information.  Not to mention that the naked guys on my phone are prohibited by company policy to be on the device.  However, it’s my damn phone and if you have a problem with what I have on it, then you need to provide me a phone so we don’t have a problem.  I am not going to change who I am or what content is on my phone.  Then there is location tracking so they can spy on me and know where I am at 24x7.  Now I don’t go anywhere that I am ashamed of, the usual places people go like grocery shopping, pet food shopping, gas station, post office and once and a while to a friend house and of course to load up on food I stop at restaurants some local and some far away.   But why would my employer need to know my whereabouts?  Only if my phone was lost or stolen but prior to informing them of the loss/theft I would have already taken measures to locate the phone and wipe it – because I know as soon as I report it to my employer that it’s not in my possession they will automatically issue a wipe.

Technology is what employs me so I am a huge fan of it.  However, I think that we have given a little too much power to technology and reining it in will be more difficult than putting a cat back in the bag.  In other words it’s not going to happen.  I am who I am and I will go where I want to, tracked or not tracked by my employer.  Just think of this situation.  I call in sick because I have a job interview.  Some at work is curious to know if I am really sick or playing hooky.  So they decide to see what my phone shows and bingo he’s not at home he is at another company.  Hmm, I bet he’s looking for a job better tell management.  Now maybe it just looked like I was looking for a job and someone made an assumption when in fact I was taking care of a personal matter.  I mean speculation will come into play.  I am not quite sure how this is all going to play out and what if anything I am going to disclose to my boss.  Coming out at work, even just telling your boss is a huge risk.  I did it before and lost a job because of it.  I felt 100% comfortable with my decision and the next thing you know through some changes I got a new boss and found myself standing in the street.  That can not happen to me now, everything in my life is dependent upon me bringing in an income.  Lose the income and life will get rough quickly. 

Speaking of rough might as well talk about Big Boy.  I don’t want to jinx anything but he appears to be back to normal.  He seems to wait for me and as soon as I am in his sight he climbs into his bed which is a litterbox in his mind and away he goes.  It’s a screwed up situation but hey we have both adjusted.  I give him praise and a quick bath when he’s done.  Then clean up the mess and put down two more fresh pee pads.  He went last night when I got home.  I cleaned him up and then within 5 minutes he climbed back in to do more.  We had a similar occurrence this morning.  I haven’t given him anything but his normal meds.  I am at a loss for what went awry and honestly don’t care so long as he is going and is happy and relatively healthy.

Last night was cat night.  I spent the entire evening with them, giving out attention, food and treats.  Everyone had a good time and I think they look forward to those times as much as I do.  I really have been behind the computer and got to feeling guilty so I just called it last night, I played on my phone but that was as close as I came to a computer.  Sadly tonight will be a different story because tomorrow is pay day and I have to get bills taken care of.  But I will try to move as fast as I can.  I will always have a computer but animals their lives are so short, might as well appreciate them while you have the chance.

Happy Wednesday.  Were 1/2 way to the weekend and that is a very good thing.  I found out that my bosses plan is to work me into the on call rotation in about 2 more months.  Once I start it will be every three weeks, not fun so much but we really don’t get called often.  When we do something is in need of some serious attention.  I am a little nervous but hopefully I will know more in 2 months than I do today and that will better prepare me for what to expect.  Hard to believe it’s been 2 months since I started in this position, time really has flown by.  I am happy where I work, proud of my accomplishments and realize that the road ahead has more happiness in store for me. I am ready to cruise on down the happiness highway, something I have needed for a very long time! 

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