22 June 2016

Still tired

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to do.  I have time to accomplish the basic tasks that are required to exist but beyond that most anything for pleasure has to wait until the weekend.  I’m not so sure why I am all of a sudden time poor.  The days and nights seem to pass very quickly.  Weekends are the exception to that they linger a little bit but not by much.  It is nice to get out of bed and not have a schedule.

I woke up this morning and it was as if I never went to bed in the first place.  I was up at least once to let Marvin out but that’s it.  I think it might be the heat zapping all of my energy and drive.  I do have an allergic reaction to heat in that I can easily get sick or if the temperature gets way up there I will pass out.  Right now in my part of the world it is summer time and my area is known for high temperatures but they usually don’t come on very strong until July.  That is not the case right now.  A/C is running every night and most of the weekend.  I have found a temperature that is comfortable for me and the children don’t complain.  Insty loves to curl up under my blankets but only when I am not in bed.  She crawls in and buries herself as if she is in a deep freeze.  Sometimes I will turn the A/C off for her but it’s not often.

Speaking of the little fur balls, everyone has had their birthday.  Momma is now 13 as of this past Sunday.  The kids turned 12 yesterday.  I love each one of them and am proud of them.  Bear has had the toughest fight by far.  I remember when there was a respiratory thing going through the house and all of the boys got it, that is way back when #1 son was alive.  I think it’s something Taz (aka LB) brought in.  We almost lost both Marv and Bear it was wicked.  I can also remember racing home to greet them as they were each born into the world..  Time flies by way too fast and memories are great but the more you remember the older you tend to be.

In light of the tragedy in Orlando I have made a couple of posts on my FB account and I readily admit that I am gay. I’ve never really put it out there for the world to see.  It felt good and empowering.  I am a private person for the most part but felt that it was time to open up and just let it all hang out, so to speak.  I was curious to see if my friend count changed or if anyone would say anything to me about it, but nope.  My friend count may have decreased by 1 or 2, but I don’t keep that close of tabs on who is my FB friend and who isn’t.  So if in fact someone left they don’t stand out to me.

It’s been a while since I have seen a comment posted and I was wondering if in fact anyone is still actually reading my blathering's?  While this is something that I enjoy doing and it’s therapeutic for me, if no one is reading it then I am just babbling for nothing.  So if your reading this, take a moment and let me know.  If there is a topic you want me to write about or a question you have, don’t be afraid to post that as well.  I am as friendly as I sound and I don’t bite.  Happy middle of the week everyone.  Two more days and then maybe I will be able to sleep in.  I really hope so, I could use a lazy day.  In fact I am surprised with the way I felt this morning that I actually made it in to work.  Best part about coming in and going home is the AC on full blast in the car.  Its like I am in freezer and it feels so good.  Take care.

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Jude said...

Sorry, yes I read but don't always leave comments.... I remember finding out I had a handful of faithful readers on my blog but nobody commented after awhile either.