05 June 2016

Diamonds not forever

Last night I went to empty the dryer and found one of my rings sitting on the inside next to the lint filter.  I picked it up and it was the ring my grandfather left to me.  We shared the same initials and this ring has our initials in it all in diamonds.  Looks like 2 of them fell out.  I was upset but I can only blame myself.  Many nights when I come home from work I have to pee and probably was in a hurry to either get out of my clothes or I put the ring in my pocket and had planned on taking it out after I was done using the bathroom.  I have looked for the diamonds but can’t find them.  I suspect they probably fell out in the wash and are long gone.  This is the one reason why I would rather leave the valuable / mementos in a safe deposit box.  You can’t damage them if they are not being worn.  I will be more careful in the future.  I thought about taking the ring in for repair but chances are it will cost way more than I want to spend to replace two small diamonds.  For now I am leaving it alone.

Went out to breakfast this morning, ordered 2 biscuits for biscuits and gravy, they gave me 1.  I placed an order for 2 more and got 4.  Wow no one knows what they are doing.  The food was really good but I wound up paying way more than I wanted to.  I won’t be going back there because of this.  There were warnings all over FB how they screw up your order but the food whatever you get does taste good.  That’s nice but I want what I ordered if I didn’t I would let a stranger place my order and eat as if it were a grab bag. 

Headed to the grocery store.  Had problems at the checkout with my chip card.  I put it in the reader and it asked me Debit or Debit MasterCard.  I chose Debit MasterCard and then it went dark.  So the checker had to get a supervisor to clear it up.  Then I was able to run my card back through, all was well.  I left not realizing that I left behind my milk and yogurt, until I got home.  Then I had to make a second trip back.  I was not pleased about that but happy that they had the bag waiting to see if I would come back.  It didn’t help things that there was a local group of kids out front asking for donations to some baseball team or something like that.  I call it pan handling and think that it should be prohibited in front of the grocery store and also at a certain intersection in town.  Seems no matter where you look these days everyone wants or needs money.  I’m no different but I work hard for everything and I do mean everything that I have.  This particular group of kids was asking for donations but didn’t have anything to give away, why do I want to just give my money away for nothing in return?  Yeah I get it might give me a warm fuzzy but thanks anyways.

Trimmed the cat claws.  I got the gloves but never had to put them on.  Ruth was just laying under the couch and I moved it.  She was still and everything was fine until I knelt down next to her and then she started in with her wailing, crying and general protesting.  She hissed at me but I kept talking to her and got to trim those sharp little needles of hers.  I got her sister as well but she managed to get me in the neck, thankfully I think my scruff deflected her claw enough that there isn’t any damage but it hurt like hell.  Everyone but Marv got there claws trimmed.  I will take a look at his tonight. 

Got connected to my work pc and found out that the company that is doing the training tomorrow told me it started at 7:30a but it actually starts at 7a.  I was not happy about that but glad I caught it now versus tomorrow morning.  I have already figured out that I need to be up by 5a and out the door by 6a which should allow me to arrive at work just before 7a, give me time to grab some water, a note pad & pen and then off to the office I reserved.  I think I will enjoy being in an office but not 100%, kind of depends on the ventilation.  The good news is that I will be able to leave at 4p.  Just figured out that on Tuesday it will afford me the privilege of hitting up the local bar for Taco Tuesday.  Kind of looking forward to that, last time I did that it was either earlier this year or late last year.  Either way it’s been far too long. 

The knot in my back has gotten smaller but is still lingering.  I am still working it to make it go away but don’t know that I will be successful in making it go away on my time schedule.  So long as it goes away and doesn’t cause me any problems.

Saw 2 good movies on HBO On Demand.  #1 was The Intern and #2 was Trainwreck.  I wasn’t so sure about either of them but once I started watching I knew I was in for a treat.  Looking to find something like that for this evenings entertainment before I head back to the grind tomorrow for five long days. 

I need to grab laundry and put it away, then feed the children.  Insty is down here pandering.  Funny about an hour ago she was mad as hell because I was trimming her claws.  My how her emotions change!  She is quite the ham and knows it, she has no shame in her game. 

I will also take time to shave, shower and then fix the left over pizza for myself. Need to make my lunch as well.  Time does have a way of passing by rather quickly.  I will be a much happier person I think once Monday & Tuesday are behind me.  I like my normal and no interruptions outside of that.  Getting up early is going to suck but I am sure I will be just fine. 

Hope you all have a great week and that the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.  Decent weather and sunshine affects our moods and nice weather means nice mood, at least for me.  We have sun for the bulk of the week as of now but there is some rain that will be moving in later this week.  Of course it’s the weather so it’s subject to change. 

Be well and we will talk again soon.  Maybe not on Monday or Tuesday but again soon. 

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