27 June 2016

Babysitting Again

I thought I dodged a bullet when I saw that my homeowner’s insurance was paid in full.  Turns out that the check the mortgage company sent for the property taxes hasn’t posted.  That payment is due on the 7th of July.  The odd thing is they sent it like 3 or 4 days before they paid the homeowner’s insurance.  I accidentally stumbled across this information online.  Now I am watching another website like a hawk, checking it a couple times a day.  Thinking, praying and hoping that soon they will post my payment.  I really don’t want to have to deal with this but I will tell you that it beats a surprise showing up in the mail.  Hopefully this is a minor fluke and it won’t be a recurring items but I can’t seem to relax when it comes to my mortgage company since they dropped the ball once I am paranoid that it’s going to happen again.  Almost worth refinancing to get away from them.  I’m not doing anything drastic just yet. 

On the Bear watch, he took all day yesterday but he finally went to the bathroom.  I made sure he had plenty of wet food throughout the day.  He spent sometime underneath the couch, once everyone thought I was going to vacuum but I tricked them and skipped it this week.  It was just too hot and the house is in decent shape. I had given him a pill for his bladder and I also broke out the pain meds and gave him a dose of that.  Man it wasn’t but 15 minutes and he was out of it like a light.  Sawing logs right in half.  He kept looking at me funny as he faded away into his slumber, as if to say I love you but something strange his happening.  This morning I made sure he had his food and fresh water.  I gave him his usual morning pill.  Nothing more, waiting to see what happens tonight.  I watched his output and it’s a strong stream, nothing like when he was younger but it’s decent.  I did some research on kidney failure, signs your cat is going to croak and what the normal amount of times a day a cat urinates.  All of this really bring any clarity to the issue.  I know that something within his body has changed but I don’t know what exactly.  This might be his new normal to only go once a day.  All I know is I am driving myself crazy with worry.  I don’t mind medicating him if he needs it but I don’t want to do it unnecessarily.  Stay tuned for more as the days go on. 

I got a decent nights sleep but Marv was sure to interrupt me a couple times. I just fell back to sleep, woke up to turn over thinking I had more time.  Started to go back to sleep and the alarm clock sounded off.  Wow, wasn’t expecting that but I didn’t delay I got out of bed and started with the day.

With next Monday being Independence Day here in the USA a lot of people are taking this week off.  Traffic is lighter and I can only imagine as we go forward it will keep getting lighter and lighter.  Of course light traffic means you can speed and the police count on that so they hide and run radar so you have to be careful or that fast drive home can wind up costing you more than the price of of the fuel your burning.  I love light traffic be it to or from work either way or both are great by me.  I can’t believe that were getting ready to go into July.  Time it passes so quickly.

Speaking of which it’s about time to get back to work.  Hope all is well in your world!

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