02 June 2016

Quick Evening Post

Today was another wild and crazy day.  I got my massage and true to form, I went in feeling fine and came out feeling sore.  Lots of knots in my back, perhaps there is dough under my skin that is trapped.  I just wish they would ease up because it hurts to have them worked out.

Had a spam issue come up at work this afternoon.  Got my boss involved and we brought in our vendor on the call.  The rep we got at the vendor didn’t know my bosses position within the company and he treated him like complete shit, he was rude and talked down to him.  My boss got frustrated pretty quick and wound up hanging up on the guy.  That ended the call.  I got an apology email from my boss but I told him no worries you were treated bad and that would have gotten under my skin as well.  We all have a breaking point regardless if we want to admit it. 

Eager to get home because I got a notification that UPS had delivered a package.  I knew it was my Amazon order.  The Spice Bomb was a bomb with me.  I never smelled it before and thought it would be a different fragrance than it was.  I talked with Amazon they deem cologne a hazardous material and thus they don’t accept returns.  They agreed to give me my money back and told me to do as I wish with the item.  I was extra careful in opening the box because I didn’t know if I would like it.  I love the design of the bottle and they even put in a plastic pin to pull before you can spray.  Very clever but the stuff doesn’t smell that good to me.  Not sure what I am going to do with it. 

The Kiehl’s mask I ordered came in I was a little miffed by how small the jar is, it looked larger on line but it’s super small in person.  I looked at their website and this is an evening mask, so you put it on before you go to bed.  I am contemplating if I want to do that, there is a risk that I could wake up uglier than I am or worse yet I could be allergic to the stuff.  Might be better to try tomorrow night since I will have the weekend off. 

My imitation Gucci cologne came today and it actually smells pretty good.  Cologne is something that is best purchased in person but it is so expensive.  There is a service called Scentbird they sell Cologne and Perfume.  You sign up for a monthly subscription $14.95 USD and they will send you a spray vial good for 1 month of whatever brand name fragrance you want.  I have several that I would like to try so I am giving it a shot, hopefully it works well.  If you find something that you like you can purchase a bottle at a discounted price, which is very nice. 

One more purchase for me, I renewed Dekkoo they dropped their monthly price from $12.95 to $9.99 and they promise that new content is coming along with a redesigned Roku app.  So I am giving them another chance.  If the content I want isn’t there I won’t hang on forever.  Gay films appeal to me but I like American based movies.  The list of gay films that I like is growing, it used to be very limited but thanks to the modernization of the world and more acceptance these films are on the rise.

So that’s it for Thursday.  I am getting ready to start the evening routine and wind up in bed.  Going in early to finish up training on Spam, should hopefully have an account to administer the system shortly there after.  Looking forward to that.  Things are clicking for me but slowly and I’ve said it before there is so much to absorb.  I am still a little apprehensive about the future, but I feel more confident considering that somethings have fallen into place. 

Cheers to the weekend.  More to come from me again soon.  Hope all is well in your world.  Take care and come back, I know I will.  :)

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