20 June 2016


Sorry for the delay, life’s been busy and I am exhausted.  Let’s start with good news, the credit card I applied for a 2nd time came back with an approval.  Now it’s time to watch the mail and wait for the card.  I don’t have any idea what my credit limit is but I am happy that they approved me, which I kind of figured was going to happen.

Last week is pretty much a blur.  One of my co-workers families lost one of their family pets.  It was a small dog.  He got out and climbed the fence only to be eaten alive by the neighbors pit bull.  Horrible story and I felt so bad after I heard it.  I bought a card and then had a lady I work with who has a plasma cutter make me a couple crosses with the name of the dog.  Then I packaged it all up and sent it to her through interoffice mail.  She was thankful but at the same time she was crying her eyes out.  I warned her ahead of time that I was sending her a package that would evoke emotion.  I offered her the option to let it be a surprise or I could tell her.  She opted for the surprise. 

The eye doctor called and I stopped by to look at frames.  I have driven myself bat shit crazy over trying to find a match or even something remotely close to the glasses that Kennedy from Corbin Fisher wears.  I finally gave up, but it was a good conquest.  I opted to go with a pair of Nike’s which has been my brand of choice since I started wearing glasses.  I at least was able to get them in Blue.  Not as vibrant of a shade as I wanted.  They are on order and will most probably be in this Saturday but they told me to allow 10 working days.  They of course are paid for because they won’t place the order unless you pay for them up front.

Orange Is The New Black came out with a new season on Friday.  I watched the whole thing over the weekend.  Finished up the last episode this morning between 2 and 3 am when I woke up from a sound sleep and couldn’t go back to bed.  Insomnia is a bitch!  I even took extra medication because I haven’t been sleeping well and thought that it would knock me out and keep me out but sadly I was wrong. 

Big Boy gave me quite the scare yesterday.  He started peeing on himself and he was straining.  I gave him some medication to help with that.  Then he promptly retreated to hide under the couch and he was a little ways from it.  That told me he didn’t feel good.  Straining is one of the primary signs that he is blocking or worse blocked.  However, I saw a dribble so I knew he wasn’t 100% blocked.  I thought about it and opted to error on the side of caution.  I made an appointment and we went to the vet yesterday.  Neither of the regular docs were working.  I had to choose from the hack that cut into him or another doctor who is soft spoken.  I went with the soft speaker.  If that butcher would have come into the room I would have had a canary.  Anyway I loaded him in the truck and off we went.  As soon as I parked and went to get him out he was soaked and so was the passenger seat of the truck.  Next time I am just going to load him in the truck and we are going to go for a drive, then I’ll check him and if he isn’t soaking wet then I will make the vet appointment.  Turns out the doctor found some crystals forming on the outside that he had passed.  They are so fine that it’s hard to notice.  So I have to make sure to keep his penis clean, which is a difficult task because it’s buried in fur.  He got an ultrasound and it came back clean.  I got the bill which was only for the exam, paid cash and out the door we went. 

Momma rung in her 13th Birthday yesterday on Father’s Day.  The children including Big Boy will celebrate their 12th year on earth tomorrow.  Wow where in the world did the time go?  I remember when they were so small and now they are large and quite the handful.  I am so thankful for each and everyone of them, no matter how much a pain they are.  They are still a blessing and my children. 

Lastly I spent the bulk of the weekend rebuilding my laptop that I use here at work.  I visited a known infected site for an end user as a favor, I figured all of the protection on my machine I would be safe.  I got a huge pop up from Google that told me the site wasn’t safe.  Malwarebytes barked at me that it blocked me from surfing to the site and I thought that was the end of it.  I didn’t figure I was infected.  Turns out I was.  My machine was trying to phone home to what is known as command and control, if it was for our ISP Grade firewalls the connection would have been made and then I would have known for certain I was infected, it would have also spread to others on the network.  We started getting alerts and I put forth every defense and argument, even put in a firewall rule to block traffic to the address in question.  Still the alerts kept coming.  What sold me on rebuilding it was Microsoft.  They have a Malicious Software Removal Tool.  I downloaded and ran it.  The scan detected 3 items infected and then after two hours jumped to a whopping 115 and then an hour later the scan was done and it came back with no infection.  I ran the tool on my other machines because they have the same software and they didn’t behave in that manor.  I of course didn’t let the infected version on my network unless everything else was powered off or disconnected.  There was a need to get out to deactivate some software before I could reinstall it.  I spent the bulk of my time fighting with Bit Locker it didn’t want to take the decryption key even though I had it.  Then once the drive was decrypted it couldn’t find the damn recovery partition.  Thankfully Microsoft has a media creation tool for Windows 10, I used that and was able to turn a USB drive into media and got the drive wiped and a fresh copy of Windows installed.  Then it took a day and half to encrypt the entire drive.  Slow as a turtle, but thankfully it’s behind me. 

I hope this is going to be a good week.  I am really feeling the lack of sleep.  I just hope I make it through the afternoon with out nodding off.  Back to the fun!  Stay cool and safe.  Talk with you all again soon.

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