25 June 2016

It’s H O T

I have a high intolerance to heat and right now it’s just uncomfortable outside.  The best part of commuting to work is the chilly ride I get.  My car’s AC does a damn good job of keeping me cool.  On the weekends I use the truck and it’s older and doesn’t do as good of a job.  You have to be on a serious trip before you get any kind of cool from it in extreme weather.  I suspect that it needs to be charged.  I’ve got a kit here and can do that myself, but when I did it to my car a few years back, I actually broke the AC, so I am hesitant. 

I got a disturbing message this afternoon.  The eccentric old lady that was a friend of the couple I have Thanksgiving with passed away.  She said what she thought and there wasn’t a filter.  So she left us with one funny story.  She had COPD & Congestive Heart Failure.  She was in pain and just decided to forego any further treatment.  She went into Hospice on Monday.  For some dumb reason they were trying to intubate her.  That is not what she wanted and thankfully her daughter came in just in time to put a stop to it.  So now that is settled, they gave her a dose of Morphine.  Apparently on your first dose it just knocks you out.  She went to sleep for a while.  She woke up and said to her daughter, “You mean to tell me, I am still alive!?!”.  Her daughter said it’s not euthanasia it was Morphine.  See what I mean, she was kind of feisty!  I learned that she passed away on Tuesday.  Her friends took her cat and once she knew that was in place, it was like the last piece of the puzzle and she just left.  I only saw her once to twice a year but I miss her already. 

The eerie part was that I made Thanksgiving Reservations this week and thought that I would do something different this year.  I printed out invitations and was going to mail one to her but time just didn’t allow me to mail them quite yet.  I am glad because then I would have felt bad.  I changed the reservation today once I got the news and printed a new invitation.  It’s not going to be the same without her on Turkey Day but I know that we will still have a good time.  There is no funeral, she hated them.  There is supposed to be a memorial service for her around August.  I don’t understand why the delay but okay.  There is also no obit for her, which I thought was strange.  When my partner passed away there was an obit but it said there would be no services. 

On a better note, today I ventured out to get my new glasses.  They are okay and I compromised but I am not happy.  I just had to bite the bullet and order.  I am not done with trying to find the frame that I want and I hope that the model from the porn site, answers back so I can end my quest.  I went down to the pharmacy and got medicine for Big Boy.  I stopped and picked up the mail.  Bank statements, a bill and my Birchbox for Men was all waiting for me.  I came home and sat on the couch with some water.  Big Boy was at one end of the couch and kept looking at me like, I want attention.  So I picked him up and put him in my lap on the couch with me.  That would explain why my back is bothering me as I type this.  Anyway, we sat together for a long time and he was purring up a storm.  I could be wrong but I think he is trying to prepare me for his passing.  Anyway, he wanted down and I put him on the floor.  The vet has called twice today in follow up to an email that I sent yesterday.  Turns out he can be on the medicine that helps him go long term but they want me to try him on pain medicine, so we can figure out if he needs a muscle relaxer or pain medicine.  The pain medicine makes him delirious and I really don’t want to see him that way and don’t want to keep him in that state for a prolonged period of time.  He doesn’t act like he is in pain but then again cats are the masters of disguise.  He has spent some time in hiding today under the couch and that tells me he doesn’t feel well.  However he is still eating and drinking – begs for food and treats as well as attention.  So maybe he just feels slightly crummy.  He is acting like he is getting ready to block and if a little pill can prevent that then I am all for it.  He ran from me when it was bath time but he I fished him out of his hiding spot and once I got started he just loved it.  He kept grooming himself and never whimpered once, which is something new.  I took my time and gave him two shampoos to make sure his hind end was clean.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

My only meal out today was at Olive Garden.  I had the Spaghetti Pie with Meatballs.  It was one hell of a large portion and I was stuffed way beyond what I needed to be.  I’ve skipped supper but feel kind of ill so I want something but not sure what to eat.  I’ve been drinking Cold Water and had a little ice cream.  I think I am headed back for more ice cream.  Got a lot of TV to watch on the DVR.  Lance Bass is going to be on Family Feud this coming week.  I added the show to the DVR and it’s been recording every day.  This would be the show on ABC with Steve Harvey.  Wanted to make that clear so you don’t think it’s on another network, if your interested.  He’s kind of cute but taken.  Still it should be good to watch. 

Went car shopping online yesterday, had to take a late lunch.  I just don’t get how people pay for cars these days.  Leasing is attractive because they payment is low but once you go over the annual miles, they get you.  A friend of mine just leased a Nissan and he can do 36 thousand miles per year after that it’s 10 cents per mile.  I just did the math and I could easily work with that kind of allowance.  It would allow me to get to and from work as well as take some side trips.  However, at the end of the lease you don’t own the car but you will have an option to buy.  I have always heard that leasing is like stepping on a treadmill once you get on it’s hard to get off and there are fees all along the way.  I like the ownership option and that is all I have ever done with every car.  At the end it’s mine and were done.  I am 22 thousand miles out from being out of warranty and I really want something NEW before the warranty expires.  Date wise that would be September of 2017.  I am looking now but don’t think I will actually pull the trigger until fall.  I may even ride this out longer.  My car is fine knock wood.  The truck needs to have the wheel bearing fixed and I really don’t want to dump more money into it.  I would just as soon trade both vehicles in and get me 1 nice vehicle.  My budget tells me I can afford a car no problem.  My desire is to get an SUV because I like sitting up higher and driving the truck has actually helped me avoid accidents.  This will be the ultimate treat and also kind of scary because I will be making a financial commitment and that always makes me nervous.  I feel pretty safe in my job but today you never really know for sure.  Safe today and unemployed tomorrow.  All I hear is good news from my boss and that is what I like, I want it to stay that way.

Well time to go watch that TV and get in a snack before it’s time to go lights out.  Y’all take care and stay cool.  As Ellen says, be kind to each other.  Talk with you again soon.

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