14 April 2016

Late Breaking News

I got a phone call this afternoon and have it on very good authority that I should have an answer about the job situation tomorrow.  As I suspected it is between me and a counter part of mine.  One of us will be really happy and one of us will be really sad.  For my sake I hope I am the happy one.

Just because your made an offer doesn’t mean you have to accept it.  So if for example they chose the other guy he could say he has to think about it or try to negotiate something else, then if it falls through they have the option but not sure if they would offer it to the other person. 

I really think I have the edge here and hoping that I am right for once in my life.  Not to sound pathetic but I’ve been through some awful bad stuff and it’s time for the wind to change and bring me some good news and good luck. 

Of course I will keep you posted.  Right now I am going to grab the ice my back and shoulder are acting up a little bit.  Plus it’s about treat time for the kids.  Ta for now.

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