14 April 2016

Couple more days

I got tired of waiting and made a proactive phone call to someone I trust in our HR Department.  She told me that it would be perfectly acceptable to reach out for an update if I so chose.  I did and found out that because the recruiter that I was working with is out on vacation, that is the reason why no one has communicated anything back.  See I was told that she was out and there was someone covering for her, well that is the person I spoke with to get my update.  Thankfully the recruiter that is on vacation will be back tomorrow.  So I was told to expect an update either tomorrow or on Monday.  I am really hoping for tomorrow and if I don’t hear anything by afternoon tomorrow I may just reach out and play dumb to see how things are going.  This is getting rather annoying.  I can honestly say that I think this one is in the bag and the job will be mine but that is my gut feeling.  I also thought that I would have news by Wednesday so it’s anyone’s guess at this point.  I did find out that the hiring manager will be out starting on Tuesday so hopefully that will speed things up.  I can only speculate that I have the job based on how well things went but I have no idea how the other interviews that were done turned out.  I just know I don’t want to endure another week of waiting, I mean a couple days for a decision is one thing but this is lingering far too long in my opinion. 

My shoulder and back pain is still present but getting duller.  I did the ice thing last night and that seemed to help.  I also changed pillows and didn’t have quite as difficult time of getting out of bed this morning.  No word yet if our massage lady is coming or not, but if she does show up I am tempted to engage her services. 

Outside of that everything else is moving along.  Tomorrow is not only Friday but it’s pay day so I get to give away more money.  Not my favorite thing in the world to do but it does keep me out of trouble with a roof over my head.  Really amazed that I am continuing to go on and how far I have come.  I still think this is a nightmare that is going to end eventually but then reality sets in and that hurts.  Looking at all of the crap he left behind and wanting to get rid of it but being paralyzed not to is hard to over come.  I know the longer I wait the worse it will get but eventually I will get to a point where I can deal with it and that is when the stuff will go flying out the door or away to an auction.  I have some motivation with the automated trash pickup deadline looming that I need to get rid of everything that I want to that won’t fit into the new container.  Because if it’s not in the container they don’t pick it up, which I think sucks but then again who am I, just a tax paying citizen. 

One of the many things that I ordered on Amazon has been a shampoo brush.  They are plastic and I use them as combs.  I already know how to give a good head job shampoo.  They were sold in a bundle of 4.  I took one of them and decided to use it on Ruth (shy girl).  She likes it but doesn’t want to stand still long enough for me to use it effectively on her.  Last night I broke it out and used it on Bear (big boy) man he loves it.  That motor was running and he kept asking for more.  I would scratch his head with it and that just sent him over the moon.  It was pleasure like he hadn’t experienced before.  I was able to get Marv but only for a short time.  He liked it too but was skeptical that I was going to somehow hurt him.  They are all quite a handful and sometimes more than I can take care of but somehow I manage.  I just feel rather sorry for Bear and try as much as I can to give him attention that the others are able to get by walking in front of me or following me.  Ruth actually came into my room last night on her own accord, she kept her distance but walked up long enough to get a quick smell of my foot, to make sure that I was daddy and not an imposter.  I am truly amazed at how I am starting to bond with her, she is more trusting and knows that I won’t hurt her but it’s still necessary once and a while to trap her to trim those claws.  She doesn’t like it and never will.  I think that is just part of her personality that will never change and I will always have to trap her to trim them.  To think that the plan before she was named was to give her away.  No one would have put up with her timid behavior and the way she throws a fit if she doesn’t want you to touch her.  I think she would have easily been tossed into the street.  I think this all worked out this way for a reason and that is because they needed shelter, food and medical care.  I enrich their life as much as they enrich mine.  With that I am reminded it’s time to make vet appointments.  So not looking forward to that from the inconvenience of lugging them (bear and momma) over to what it is going to cost.  I need more pills for both of them and the only way to get them is to take them in.  I might be able to scrounge by for a bit but eventually it will take a visit, so why fight it – better to go with the flow and just suffer through it.

One more day and then we have another weekend.  Hope all is well in your world. 

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