04 April 2016

In Pain

I don’t know if it’s the activities from the weekend of working on the fridge and lifting Bear but my shoulders and neck are killing me.  The pain started this morning on my left side and now it’s moved to the right.  It is normal for the pain to shift around but it usually takes days for that to happen.  I just want it gone so that I can be my old normal self.  There is not a single person here that wants to rub my back but everyone is pushing pills like crazy.  Nothing other than Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  I’ve already taken that and no luck so far.  I feel the tension of the muscle in my right shoulder.  It’s cramping and that hurts even worse.  Can’t wait to get home so that I can take a muscle relaxer and get out some ice.  Until I get to that point I think I am going to suffer. 

No news on the job just yet.  I was really hoping that they would call today.  I know the day isn’t over yet.  It would help to make this a better day.  So instead of reflecting on a somber situation that happened 3 years ago today I could reflect on something positive. 

Speaking of positive, the guy that I have been chatting with is starting to come on strong.  He is ready to take me to church amongst other things.  He keeps talking when we … Wow that a little fast there.  Then he goes on to say that he needs something to warm him up so he thinks of me.  That is so sweet but a bit much for me.  I don’t want to hurt his feelings but based on his photo there is 0 attraction on my part.  We oddly have a lot in common so I don’t know that dismissing him is quite the right thing to do.  I think sort of like with the job if it’s meant to be it will.

In other news left over pizza for me tonight.  I also have to take the trash out which won’t be fun considering the way I feel but it’s a job that has to get done. 

I upgraded the Firmware on my IP Camera and changed the credentials used to login.  The camera would make clicking noises as if someone was logged in.  If it would have moved then I would have known for sure that someone was logged in.  Kind of wish there was an indicator that I could see to tell me if someone is logged in.  In any case much stronger password now so if someone was playing with me, there fun is done, at least for the time being. 

Drove the death trap aka my late partners truck to work today.  I got the oil changed yesterday.  I felt it was appropriate to drive it today.  Kind of nice sitting up high but when the sun is out and since my back is killing me I can’t see to change lanes for anything.  I just look and start to ease over … no honking or thumps so I presume it’s all clear and continue to keep on moving over.  Unless I suddenly feel much better I will be in my car tomorrow.  I like to keep the miles off my car and drive the truck but if that wheel bearing goes then I am done here on earth.  If not I will be seriously injured and wishing that I was gone, no matter how many drugs they pump me full of.  So, hopefully the commute home is non eventful.  I will get the bearing fixed eventually.  I’d like to get the new job, feel secure enough in it that I can purchase a new vehicle and trade both of these in.  That would be ideal.  I could trade them in now but without an increase in income it would be tight. 

Speaking of income I ventured over to overstock dot com last night and picked up a nice black and blue ring, something that caught my eye.  Then I went to the NBC Store and got a polo of the Suits Firm momagrammed on.  I think it will cause people to look and I am sure I will hear never heard of them, well that is because it’s a TV Show and not an actual Law Firm.  Would be nice if I could get one that said Dewey Cheatham and Howe, but that would probably spark too much controversy.  I spent more than I wanted to in total but I have wanted these items for a while so I just threw caution to the wind.  Then of course it hit me I need to get Bear to the vet, Momma could use a check up and my car needs service.  Ah well, all things in time. 

I will actually have enough time off to take a day but not until after the 15th of the month.  That is when I will schedule in the car.  The vet can be done on Saturday.  My time off bank took a huge hit when I was out for a week, otherwise I would have plenty of time and it wouldn’t be an issue.  With the way I feel I would have stayed home instead of schlepping into to work. 

Everyone else is doing well.  I hope that I get back to that point soon.  Happy Monday everyone.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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