03 April 2016


That’s Friday & Saturday mashed together.  So I have had a lot of time to think and talk with people about the job thing.  While it is unchartered territory for me, provided there is no contingency of college placed on the job, if they offer it to me I am likely to accept it provided the money is right.  I am thinking that I should hear something next week.  My other concern is that I won’t be as active as I am now.  I get a lot of walking done during the day and that helps my fat body.  If that stops then I wonder if I will pick up pounds?  Hopefully not. 

The talking part I believe will put me over my limit on my home phone minutes.  I used to have unlimited but for cost reasons down graded.  I honestly don’t use a personal telephone all that much.  I don’t get many calls and I don’t place many calls.  Shame home phone minutes don’t roll over like cell phone minutes.  I am also wondering what my gab session is going to cost me, whatever it is I am sure it won’t be cheap since it’s usage billed by the minute and I at least 1 hour over.  Thankfully incoming calls don’t count against my minutes at home. 

I stayed up very late last night and looks like I am doing that again tonight.  I was very drained today, the work week and all of the emotions that I experienced totally drain me.  Now someone wants me to stack on college, yeah there is no way in hell.

I have successfully taken apart the freezer and I put it back together.  There are no left over parts, which is a very good thing.  That often is not the case with me.  I had to remove the contents of the freezer, take out the shelves and then a bunch of screws and the mounting brackets for the basket at the bottom of the freezer.  It took a little bit of work to get the cover off but when I did I saw a small plastic fan and the freezer coils.  Try as I might I couldn’t get the damn thing to act up while the cover was off.  I figured it was the fan making all of the racket.  So I got out some 3 in 1 oil and lubed it up pretty good.  Power cycled the fan a couple times and presto were ready to clean up the mess and put things back in.  It was quiet for the first few hours.  That wore off and it’s making the damn noise again.  I guess the fan or the bearings on the fan are going out, that is the only thing I can think of.  I am going to put up with the noise until it breaks and who knows how long that will be.  Rest assured it will happen at the worst possible time, things like that always do.  I could call a repair man now but you know as soon as he showed up the damn thing would run like a champ and there would be no noise whatsoever.  Just like taking your car to the shop or calling for computer help, everything seems to know when the repair person is looking and it tends to behave.  Why is that?  So annoying. 

I ventured out for breakfast and got the mail.  Bears pee pads were waiting for me.  Along with a doctor bill.  Then home, to watch TV and eventually fall back asleep.  Then that is when I started on the freezer work.  Then I rested and watched more TV.  Had to take another nap.  Then I got up, fed the children supper and went out for Mexican food.  Then cat food and a quick trip to the office supply store.  There is a new Pilot Gel Pen out called the G7 I saw it on Amazon.  Can’t find it in stores yet.  If you didn’t know I have a serious pen fetish and could easily waste a bunch of money on a writing instrument.  I have more pens than one person should be allowed to have.  It’s just one of the strange quirks I have. 

Cleaned up the house a little bit.  Did the dishes and the bigger clean job I saved for tomorrow.  Started laundry.  Played on the computer a little bit.  Had to generate some correspondence.  I have become so anal lately.  I edit on screen but the errors don’t jump out at me so I have to print it out thinking it’s the final version and then it’s back to editing and re-printing.  I think I am keeping the printer, paper and electric company in business.  Didn’t help matters that I had to fax the letter off, so more damage to the home phone.  

Were back to winter like temps.  It’s chilly outside or it was today.  Not sure what tomorrow is going to bring. 

A guy hit me up on one of the dating apps.  We have been chatting.  He lost his partner 5 years ago.  I don’t have an attraction to him but there is nothing wrong with chatting with someone.  Never know things might work out.  I am not all giddy over it like I would be if it were someone younger and well closer to my area.  He is a few states away, but travels.  Since I told him that I lost my partner I haven’t heard from him.  Perhaps I scared him away, that tends to happen.  I learned the hard way to save the fact that I am a widow for much later in the conversation, unless of course he brings it up.

Got a call earlier in the week from the lawn boy.  He finally has raised his prices.  I am a little peeved over it as he is already making a killing for his 15 minutes of work.  The price jump is only 5 dollars per service, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that bad.  He does an average job but now I am more on guard and watching for a mistake so I can call him on it.  I have already found a couple but haven’t made a call yet.  Part of me says if you annoy him he will cancel but the other part of me says he’s taking you for a ride that you don’t want to be on.  He is all about the money and not necessarily about quality.  That has changed as he has aged, the money was important to him when he was starting out and so was the quality.  He wanted referrals and well he got them.  Now he has so much business that he struggles to keep up.  He should hire some help but I guess he is too proud.  In any case I am tempted to get quotes from his competition and if I do and I find someone priced lover it will be adios.  I don’t get to see him so there is no eye candy benefit for me and well he’s straight and married so I wouldn’t even try.  This is all about business and the value I am getting for my money.  You should have heard him tout his service when I protested the increase … well I do this and I do that for you, my costs have increased over the years but I haven’t passed them on to you.  Yeah what ever you money grubbing sob, I will pay the $5.  If it wasn’t for my allergies I would do the damn job myself and pocket the cash.  Although in the dead of summer it’s nice to not have to worry about sweating to death in the sun and getting sun burned.  So I guess there is good and bad here.

Well time to climb the steps the children are all upset that I am still up.  I see no reason to hurry and run to bed.  Although in a few hours I will wish I had done just that.  I think I can still accomplish all of my goals for the weekend and be ready to go back on Monday.  Not that I want to go back but it beats the alternative.  Hope your having a great weekend.  Take care and be well. 

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