08 April 2016

Painful week

What ever it is that I did to my shoulders and neck has been with me all week.  It’s all in my shoulder on the right side now.  I have some neck discomfort but it’s minimal, I feel like there is a huge knot in my shoulder.  Sure will be glad when it goes away.  I missed Tuesday & Wednesday from work.  There was no way I was going to miss my 2nd interview on Thursday.

So the 2nd interview went okay.  I was told that I should hear something within the next couple days.  Not sure what that means in reality.  The person in HR that was dealing with all of this is out on vacation, but thankfully there are folks covering for her.  HR is the one that has to officially make an offer or tell you that you didn’t get it.  I am hopeful for an offer but not sure what I am up against in terms of competition.  I think that it’s between myself and a counter part.  I know that the hiring manager likes and trusts me so my hope is that will go a long way and lean towards making me an offer.  The good news is no matter how this turns out I still have a job. 

The guy that I had been talking to stopped messaging me and I think it’s a done deal now.  I am not upset over it and didn’t want to hurt him but I think that my silence speaks volumes.  He may reach back out but I don’t expect it.

Right now I am wishing I had a decision and could go home to nurse my shoulder.  The good news is that tomorrow is Saturday so I can do what I want.  Looking forward to that!

Have a great weekend.

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