13 April 2016

Pain & Anticipation

As you can probably guess by the title, I am still waiting to hear about the internal job I applied for.  They said HR would be in touch within a couple days.  We spoke last Thursday.  It’s been 4 days as of today.  A couple days to me means 2 or 3 days.  4 I think is stretching it.  What am I going to do complain, cry or throw a fit?  Nope I have to sit and just wait with baited breath or anticipation.  I may reach out tomorrow but really want to hold off until Friday.  One being that I could get a response tomorrow and two people are so much more helpful on Friday’s.  They are typically in a good mood looking forward to having two days off.  So waiting plays to my advantage or so I think.  I am trying to stay positive that I’ve got this but I keep on thinking what if I don’t get this.  I really thought today would be my day, but thus far that is not true.  It’s almost 4:30 and I don’t have much hope left that I will get any word today. 

Pain yes my shoulder and neck are killing me.  Things are still the same where it hurts like hell when I first get going.  I have even lost feeling in my right arm.  I was starting to wonder if I had a stroke.  Neurologically from what I can tell I am in tact and I know there are many more symptoms of a stroke that it would or should be obvious.  I don’t have any facial drooping and I can smile just fine.  So tonight I am changing pillow around, trying cold therapy instead of heat.  I mean the worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t work and I am still in pain.  I can always call over to the doc in the box here at work to have them look at me for no cost.  Toughing this one out is starting to really suck  I have never had muscle problems that lasted this long.  I guess this is another case of welcome to growing up and getting older, things hurt more and it takes longer to bounce back, even still you might not get to bounce back to 100%, which is far worse. 

On a different note I saw a co worker having a TV dinner and it was Chicken & Dumplings.  So I picked up a couple of them at the store.  I had one last night.  Wow very salty, not happy about that but it was pretty good for being a frozen dinner.  Makes me crave a stop at Cracker Barrel for a simulated home cooked meal.  I realize once and a while how much I miss that.  There were other special dishes that my late partner and chef used to make that I know I will never taste again.  I wish I could afford a chef.  If I let the cat’s make me supper I would probably starve. 

Traffic has been really good so far this week.  I have seen a couple close calls where I thought someone was going to wreck but outside of that it’s been smooth sailing.  I look forward to that experience again tonight.  Hopefully this won’t jinx me. 

My municipality is having a eWaste drive to recycle used electronic items.  I always thing I have everything when I go to these events but some how manage to miss something.  Thankfully they are doing it two weekends in a row.  So I will be busy gathering items on Friday night provided I fee like it.  I should have a small load to drop off and that will help free up some space.  Old cordless phones, lead acid batteries and who knows what else I will find.  Speaking of waste we are getting closer to our automated trash pickups.  They start the 1st of next month and while I don’t have my containers yet I really don’t look forward to this.  I think it’s going to suck, but if they stay on time I should be able to grab the container and wheel it in before I go to work.  If they are late well then I could be chasing a container if we have wind. 

I am so exhausted I could just curl up and go to sleep.  It seems the more I have to deal with and think about the quicker I become exhausted.  I have a fair amount of stress and I know that is not good for me mentally or physically.  However, if life were just picture perfect and there was no stress I think I would fall apart because I wouldn’t know how to react.  Still I can dream of a stress free life. 

That is all I have on this hump day.  I hope your having a great day.

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