09 April 2016

Emergency Room


Having been in pain for almost a week, I decided that enough is enough.  I went to the local dog and cat hospital emergency room.  I really didn’t want to be there but I also really didn’t want to be in pain.  since I drove myself they couldn’t give me anything strong.  They did the standard X-ray series of my neck, everything came back normal which is what I expected.  I have a muscle spasm in my trapezius muscle on the right side.  That is what is causing all of the trouble here.  I was given a stretching exercise to do along with three prescriptions.  The first one was low dose valium as a muscle relaxer.  The second was ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory and the third was Vicodin which is a narcotic pain killer.  I dropped them all off at the pharmacy and given new laws in effect I was asked for Government issued ID.  They track everything now when it comes to narcotics and you have to have a written prescription, gone are the days of the doctor phoning it in.  Then you have to show ID when you go back to pick them up.  Wow if I didn’t know different I would have thought that I was picking up something very valuable like a large amount of cash.  Nope just pills. 

They said to apply heat and not use ice.  The ice will cause the muscle to lock up tighter than it already is.  I have tried both hot & cold and neither really touches the pain.  I took a valium when I got home and took a nap, woke up feeling a little better but as soon as I got up I was reminded of my pain.  I also get frequent headaches with this and I don’t normally get headaches.  I just want this all to go away.

I haven’t lost my sense of humor but I think it fell on deaf ears.  The doctor walks in the room and says what brings you here?  I said without hesitation my car.  He then said I understand your having some neck & shoulder pain.  Uh yeah, if you knew why I was there why did you ask me in the first place.  I hate it when people ask you questions they already know the answer to.  If you know the answer then don’t ask the question.  It’s not like I am going to lye and tell you I am there because I just love a hot guy in scrubs and want to get boned. 

So three hours of my life were spent at the ER this morning.  I dropped off the prescriptions, got the mail, ate lunch and then went back to get my medicine.  Then home.  Went back out later for cat food and to drop off a package for shipment. 

I found a good looking ring on Overstock.com but I ordered the wrong size – totally my fault.  Then I found the same thing under a different name on Amazon priced much cheaper.  Bye bye ring from Overstock and hello ring from Amazon.  I increased the size from a 9 to a 10 because it was a snug fit.  Hopefully I won’t have to return this one.  Got a bracelet to match.  Retail Therapy is NOT a good thing but it is momentary gratification to help soothe the pain of life.  I try not to get in over my head but at the same time I kind of think that I am there.

As for the position I applied for.  It’s still anyone’s game.  I really expect to hear something on Monday but if that doesn’t happen my next best estimate would be Wednesday.  If I don’t know anything by then I am all out of guesses as to when they will say something.  I hope they give me a chance - - I have entered circumstances where I didn’t think I would make it and I have.  This would be another feather in my cap if I can pull it off.  So long as they don’t place any contingencies on the job like mandatory education and they make me what I consider to be a reasonable and fair offer I will happily accept.  Regardless of the decision I hope that waiting game ends soon.  No doubt that I will be depressed if I don’t get it, but it’s like I tell everyone else at least I won’t be unemployed.  I have looked at jobs outside of the company and they all don’t pay as well.  I like where I am at in terms of the company but would like to get away from some of the everyday frustrations.  Not to mention make more money.  But the learning opportunity is huge and knowledge is power.  I have wanted this job since the day I walked in and well no time like the present.  I will of course keep you posted.

Kids are doing well and keeping me on my toes.  It’s actually past treat time and I need to go up and feed the little beggars.  I didn’t let anyone sleep with me last night in the hopes that would help but no luck.  Still woke up in pain.  Tonight will be a free for all before I go back to restricting who can sleep with me. 

I signed up for a new service that I am taking for a 1 month spin.  It’s called Dekkoo, it’s a streaming service that has only gay themed cinema.  It’s not porn but rather gay cinema.  There is a little bit of this on Amazon and Netflix even Hulu Plus but the selection is limited.  I found out they have a Roku channel and that is what hooked me to try it.  After the trial it’s $12.99 per month, if I like it I will keep it and if not then I will dump it before the trial ends.  You can watch anywhere there is an internet connection so on a tablet, phone or laptop as well as a desktop or on Roku.  Glad they have a wide variety of methods for viewing.  I will get started on this a bit later tonight to see if I can find something that I like.  That is the high point of my weekend!

Breakfast and grocery shopping tomorrow.  This is supposed to be claw weekend but I think someone is going to get a reprieve due to the muscle issues I am having.  I know she will be happy.  It’s just a week so I will be trimming soon enough and we will both hate it but it needs to be done.  Just like making vet appointments for momma and big boy.  I haven’t gotten around to that just yet. 

Take care and we shall talk later.  Off to feed the monsters their treats!

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Jude said...

I hope your pain eases soon!