24 April 2016

Punishment for my reward

I feel as if I am being punished for my promotion.  Ruth started to act funny about eating and actually lost her appetite.  I have her back to nibbling and I think she will be eating soon.  My heart was skipping beats over this.  This morning I found Bear in his bed, he was awake and alert.  He didn’t want to eat.  I drug him out of bed and put the food in front of him, still nothing.  I changed food because he often doesn’t like the first dish.  Again nothing.  Now I have 2 cats that are headed for trouble.  I get home from the grocery store and Bear started to eat but he is straining to go to the bathroom and he is dribbling again.  That tells me the Cystitis is back.  Poor guy he’s been to hell and back a couple times, you’d think the universe would give him a break.  What I want to know is why can’t something good happen in my life without anything else negative happening?  I deserve happiness and actually need it more than the average person.  I too have been to hell and back a couple times.  I just can’t lose a cat or even two right now, the timing is poor.  I found out last night Momma has diarrhea.  So really only Marv and Insty are healthy.

I felt bad but I think I figured out Ruth’s problem.  The water filter wasn’t changed on schedule.  Seems that some type of bacteria will build and one or more of them will get sick if I don’t change it every 4 weeks.  With my back being out of whack I totally forgot it.  This just served as a reminder to order more filters, so I took a break and did that. 

Now that I know my income is going to increase I seem to have no trouble spending money that I don’t even have yet.  Amazon loves me but I can tell you I won’t be terribly pleased when the bills roll in.  However, there are needs and wants – some of my spending is a little bit of both. 

Last night I was treated to dinner by a couple friends and we went to Maggiano’s.  I saw a cute guy I used to work with.  I said hi to him, we shook hands and had a quick couple words.  Then my friends looked at me and said do you know him?  Uh I greeted him by name and he’s not wearing a name tag.  Of course I know him.  Wow!  It was a good dinner.  I got Baked Ziti and took home Fettuccini Alfredo.  Desert was a double chocolate brownie with ice cream and fresh strawberries.  It was the best part of the whole meal.  It’s been a very long time since I have been to Maggiano’s and I always look forward to going back. 

My friends that I went out with are both actually former co-workers in a job many moons ago.  So I took my new job description with me and asked them to look it over.  I asked if they thought I was in over my head?  They both said no.  It will require me to learn some stuff that I don’t know but I shouldn’t struggle.  I was pleased to hear that and I don’t think they were just telling me what I wanted to hear.  I sort of feel like I will be in over my head, probably at first because there will be so much information coming at me.  However, long term I really feel I will do fine.  The big question is can I get over the withdrawal from the daily people interaction.  Sitting all day staring at a screen isn’t exactly going to be fun, but then again maybe it will be. 

Tomorrow will mark my last week in my present position.  Then the following Monday I will start my new adventure.  I am slated to talk with my new boss tomorrow afternoon and looking forward to that.  Apparently there are a lot of meetings to attend and there will also be a lot of phone time – so I shouldn’t be bored or have any free time like I do in my present position.  Not 100% but I think they are going to wait 2 months maybe longer before putting me in the on-call rotation which will be nice. 

Well time to get cracking on cleaning up this house.  Not something I want to do, I am in a pretty relaxed mood.  I did get rid of a few broken electronic items.  Of course after I am done I think of other things but they will have to wait until next year.  The bigger problem now is that I didn’t get my new trash can and it was supposed to be here by Friday.  In fact they skipped our whole subdivision.  I’m not sure anyone is worried about it but I am so I will be calling tomorrow.  Because starting next week we have to use them or they won’t pick up the trash.

Hope your having a great weekend and have a great week ahead.  I will do my best to make sure that things go great for me, but there is only so much I have control of.  Take care and we will talk again soon!

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