11 April 2016

Da Pain

So my shoulder still hurts.  Out of all of the medicine I was given the Ibuprofen seems to work the best.  The narcotic didn’t even put me to sleep.  They said I could take 2 and I think that if I did it would have a more powerful impact and it would probably knock me out.  The whole narcotic pain pill thing is something I am kind of afraid of.  I don’t want to become dependent on them and some pain you just have to suffer through.  Things aren’t as bad as they were last week when this started.  However, I am still considering visiting the doc in the box here at work or maybe signing up for a massage, that would be Thursday.  The doc in the box is free so chances are I would start with them.  I think I just need a little stronger muscle relaxer and probably some patients before this goes away.  The big thing to recovery from this is rest.  I can do a limited amount of rest but I can’t be expected to stay home all week and do nothing.  I would go crazy plus it would use up another week of my already short time.  I keep doing the stretching and will be applying heat when I get home.

On the job front, the internal posting is down.  The external posting is still up.  I am guessing they have made a decision.  Now it’s just a matter of waiting for it to propagate through the organizational chain.  You would think it would be a simple thing as the hiring manager saying I want this guy and they make an offer.  It doesn’t work that way.  They have to write a paragraph about why they want to hire you.  Then it goes to the hiring managers, manager and then to HR and once they sign off on it they have to get it blessed by the COO.  Then HR reaches out to the hiring manager to let them know they are going to make an offer and that the request was approved.  They reach out to the candidates supervisor and let them know.  Then they finally call you to make the offer.  Sounds maddening and it is for everyone involved.  While I am eager to bring the process to a close the not knowing still leaves me with some hope.  If I find out that I didn’t get it there goes hope.  Right now it’s very much a waiting and patience game, two things that I am not very good at.  However, there are situations like this one where you are helpless and you have no choice.  I will keep you posted if/when I hear something. Kind of hoping that it will be today but my gut is saying by Wednesday for sure.

Moving on I did watch a few movies on Dekkoo.  There is one that talks about the making of Buckleroos which is a porn movie.  You get to see some nudity but it’s actually more interesting to watch how the actors and the staff get along.  The porn movie is awesome, saw it a long time ago.  The documentary gives you insight that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.  I have also seen a couple of short films and one long film that documented several kids coming out experience in high school.  You easily see that they are humans just like the rest of the population here and the only thing that is really different about them is the fact they are interested/attracted to the same sex.  Outside of that they have hopes, dreams, desires and disappointments just like the rest of the planet.  I am sure that I will be watching many more films before my month trial is over with.  If they update content on a regular basis I can easily see becoming a subscriber because I enjoy gay cinema. 

Tonight will be time to take out the trash when I get home.  Then have some frozen pizza and enjoy Quantico and Saturday Night Live.  I am behind on my viewing but it’s okay, that is the whole purpose of a DVR so that you can watch TV when you want to and not when the network says you have to. 

Well back to the grind.  Hope your Monday is going well and if not just keep in mind that we are one day closer to the weekend.  How’s that for optimism? 

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