16 April 2016

Wait 1 more day, really!

Friday… I waited a few hours and then the stress just got to me.  I picked up the phone and reached out to the recruiter.  She told me that she had to talk with the hiring manager to get his decision and then would be in touch either later in the day or by close of business on Monday.  Monday, seriously!  I did some investigating through the power of technology and found out that she fed me a line of crap.  She had already talked with the hiring manager 1/2 hour before I called.  So either I didn’t get it and she didn’t want to tell me OR they are trying to get this approved.  Either way her assurance that I will know by close of business on Monday is good to know.  However, I don’t believe it until she actually calls.  I mean we have gone from a couple days to tomorrow now to Monday.  I mean really why put someone through this kind of agony?  I just want the damn decision if I got it tell me, even if you don’t know how much it’s going to pay we can work that out.  If I didn’t get it let me know so that I can wallow in self pity and move on. 

Considering that I am still waiting, I left work depressed and just wanted to get home.  My neck and shoulder were bothering me as well.  I came home fed the cats and drank a soda and ate a few scones.  Then I found a movie to get lost in and laid down on the couch.  I fell asleep and then jerked my head when I woke up, that didn’t feel good at all.  Finished the movie.  Then came downstairs to finish giving away my money.  Then I spent like 2 hours designing new stationary for myself.  It started with a prank that I wanted to pull and decided to call off.  Then I got lost in fonts and that is how it came about.  Now I want to write a letter but don’t need to, I am sure with time it will happen.  I also made a bold move and put up a profile on Grindr.  Then I took some medicine, watched some more TV and called it a night.

Saturday… I was supposed to get up early and gather all of my electronics that no longer work and take them to the local eWaste drive but that didn’t happen.  Thankfully they will have another one next Saturday so I get one more chance.  I did get up and get moving before the post office closed so that I could pickup Bear’s pee pads.  Then I treated myself to breakfast at IHOP.  Holy crap Strawberry N Creme Crepes I should have never ordered them.  I had a half order at first and then a full order.  I should have stuck with my omelet it would have been much cheaper.  Then I went on a short drive for gas, got a car wash and then came back home.  Took a nap after surfing on my phone.  Woke up and played on the computer.  Decided to apply for a couple credit cards.  Got shot down on one and the other one said they need more time to process my application, so I will receive their decision in the mail it could take up to a month.  My Bankruptcy Attorney told me that anyone I filed against would never give me a card again.  Thus far that is a true statement.  Even good old AMEX who I paid faithfully in full each month.  Now it would be to their benefit to give me a card because I can’t file again for a number of years, meaning that if I was reckless and irresponsible that they could easily back me in to a corner and I would have no recourse.  However I am not reckless and irresponsible and they aren’t willing to take the chance. 

I eventually went back out had to stock up on cat liter as I was out.  Target had a bedding sale so I picked up a new pillow, mattress pad and sheet set.  I hope that this will help ease my neck and shoulder issues.  The pain is no where near what it was put it does flair up and when I wake up my arms are still numb and tingle.  That part actually concerns me.  Sounds more like a pinched nerve.  But then again I am no doctor.  In any event I do have plans to take a nice long hot and steamy shower before I climb into my new freshly made bed that should lull me right to sleep and hopefully Marv is by my side to help with the lulling part.  Amazing how my fat ass can share a twin bed with a big male cat.  Neither one of us falls off and we both have plenty of room. 

Finished up at Target and then went to get cat food and finally stopped in at Denny’s for a nice Bacon Cheeseburger with onion rings and a diet coke.  Wow that was damn good, they sure know how to make burgers there.  Onion rings had a little salt on them and that just hit the spot.  Came home and now I am in wardrobe change mode putting away all of my long sleeve shirts and gathering the short sleeved ones to go through the laundry.

Still need to go to the grocery store and clean up the house.  Thinking of having something other than pizza for supper tomorrow just to change it up a bit.  I went out to lunch on Friday and had a calzone which is essentially a folded pizza in a pocket.  It was good but I kind of want something else and it can’t be chicken, I am so sick of chicken.  So I shall take my chances at the grocery store, might even hit up the upscale store better selection and the chance of seeing more hot guys.  It costs more but somethings are worth the extra money. 

My mood is kind of all over the place.  Doesn’t help that I didn’t take my morning meds.  Kind of surprised that I am not sneezing my head off since there is pollen in the air.  I did have my evening dose.  I really just want to go on vacation but not alone.  Today was a nice day should have went for pie or to the buffet but neither of them really struck my fancy when I started thinking about the cost of gasoline. 

So here I sit in my cat house.  Need to trim Ruth’s claws tomorrow.  I made a bold move last night and tried to pick her up, no gloves just out of the blue.  She expressed her displeasure with my unsuccessful attempt and she almost bit me.  They say you have to watch out for that snapping pussy and they aren’t kidding.  She will do anything she can to get away and everything is fair game from biting, hissing to clawing you to death.  People think that a dog is more vicious and can do more damage but I say cats and dogs are equal.  Dogs have their mouth and a dog bite is pretty bad but if you get bitten and clawed by a cat it can be equally as damaging.  With both the bacteria that lives in their mouths is the killer … once they bite you the bacteria is in the wound and there is no way to get it out, no matter how much you wash.  You will need antibiotics and both can carry diseases like rabies.  So if it’s up to me I would pass on getting into a confrontation with any animals.  Some days it’s hard enough o just deal with people.  While I am on the subject of animals, I did get a vet appointment for Bear & Momma in 2 weeks on a Saturday.  They are staggered an hour apart, that will cost me but hopefully will also give me peace of mind as well as more medicine for each of them. 

Let’s pray that Monday is in fact my day good or bad.  I kind of think that I have it in the bag but don’t want to jinx anything.  I am hoping for really good news meaning a yes decision, a nice increase in pay and that I start in the new role soon.  Then perhaps I can build a nest egg and really work like crazy to get myself out of debt.  Stay tuned as I continue to wait.

I hope your all doing well, the sun is shining in your part of the world and that it’s reasonably comfortable outside.  Also that your problems and worries are no where close to mine.  I know that we all have problems some more severe than others.  Hey I’m sharing most of mine, you can feel free to share yours with me if you so choose.  Here’s to the weekend!

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Good luck on Monday!