14 December 2015

Last week before Christmas

This year seems to keep going faster and faster.  This is the last full work week before Christmas.  Next week will only be 3 days for me.  There shouldn’t be much going on but I anticipate that Monday could be busy.  Today sure was, it started off slow and then before you know it an avalanche hit.  I got stuck with a request from hell, but I worked through it.  I just need someone else to do something on their end and then I can put it to bed. 

Speaking of bed, it was difficult to sleep last night.  The house was 80 degrees.  That is because it was summer weather outside.  I almost turned on the AC but figured it wasn’t worth it for one night.  Thankfully temperatures have fallen back into place for this time of year, it’s still a little warmer than normal but it won’t last long.  I really would enjoy a white Christmas.  Right now I am not counting on it.

Last night I jumped on the Instagram band wagon.  I am not sharing any photos but rather looking at other peoples photos.  Seems that people just love to post pictures for the world to see, so I figured why not.  This all started with a cute guy I saw on Grindr and he says he is moving in a few days.  I didn’t make contact with him but he is nice to look at.  Besides since he is moving I figure why bother unless of course he stays in the area but doesn’t sound like that is in his plans.  Then I started thinking of names of different guys and putting them in the app, before you know it I have built a small list.  I keep adding to it.  Two guys I’d love to follow are porn stars but they have private accounts, I requested permission to follow them but who knows if they will let me in.  Matters not to me.  It’s an interesting app but I don’t see why you would want to post photos of yourself on line for the world at large to see.  I get Facebook and sharing with friends but not the rest of the world. 

Saw the season finale of Quantico last night.  I knew as soon as he let go of the trigger something else would happen and it did.  Looking forward to when the show picks back up again.  Right now I am anxious to see Shameless which is filming in Chicago this week.  The fun starts again next month.

Had me some cake last night.  I got a 1/2 of a sheet cake marble and it’s delicious.  I want more of it tonight.  Had Chicago Deep Dish Pizza last night and I will finish it off tonight.  When I pass out treats for the children is when I get my cake.  I figure everyone deserves a treat, even if it’s going to make me fat and lead to an early grave I might as well enjoy it now.  I hope it’s a great night and an easy commute home.  Of course I probably just jinxed myself. 

That’s all I know right now.  Thanks for stopping by, talk with you again soon!

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