09 December 2015

Surprise for me at work

So I made it in, uneventful commute.  My mind was wondering all over the place.  I had an okay day, saying that with about an hour left in the day.  I was surprised at all of the mail that was piled up waiting for me.  Normally I don’t get much, I had this big snow flake coaster type thing on my chair.  I thought what in the world is this.  It’s a gift card holder from Amazon and inside a $100 gift card.  It was from a guy that is retiring at the end of the month.  I have done a little bit to help him with his home PC, which is something that we avoid.  I just gave general generic advice and pointers.  Nothing terribly special.  He did take up maybe an hour of my day over the course of two weeks, however I am paid to do what I do.  This is like double dipping or so it feels.  I know that if I was honest about this that it would get me in all kinds of hot water and I probably would have to give back the gift.  So instead I am saying nothing. 

It’s a shame that I didn’t know it was waiting for me.  I placed an order last night for a replacement UPS Battery.  The alarm sounded in my room a couple days ago.  I managed to get it muted but there is no battery there and I like having certain things running on a UPS.  You get cleaner power and protection from surges and it will allow you to power things off gracefully instead of shutting down.  In the case of my room, there isn’t anything to power off gracefully, it’s just a clock, the box for Uverse, My Cordless Phone, My iPhone Charger and TV.  However, knowing that they will fail over to a battery and I can get phone calls or charge up my phone helps.  The batteries are lead acid and heavy.  It will be in on Friday and I suspect I will have to pick it up from the window on Saturday. 

I got permission to attend the holiday party.  So my day on Friday ends at 12:30 when lunch starts for me.  The party doesn’t begin until 1:30 but it gives me time to leave and get there before everyone else if I want.  I will go for a couple hours and then leave, the plan is to get home early.  The company is paying the bill for my time and for the food so I might as well live it up, regardless of how I feel. 

Speaking of feeling the stomach is a little testy but no problems to report.  I just feel more guilt than anything, I have this impression that my boss is not happy with me.  That could be far from the case but I would rather have that feeling and not get confirmation of it. 

Poor Gator was all upset when I was leaving this morning.  Ruth started to come to the garage door as she hissed when passing her brother.  They are just a hoot.  I was able to film Ruth last night playing with a ball and I got her making her noises like her mother makes.  I was so happy.  I just wish that a certain someone was alive to see it.  He would be as amused as I am. 

The 64 thousand dollar question is facing me again, what’s for dinner?  Thinking of Beef Barley Soup if it’s not expired.  I went for a can of Chicken Noodle that I had and found it was out of date by 1 year.  I also found that the Yogurt that I was going to take today for lunch was out of date.  I think that the dish I enjoyed on Friday might have been bad and resulted in my issue, the rest of it just added fuel to the fire.  I just don’t want to repeat it anytime soon, not fun!

Hope your Wednesday was great.  Talk with you all again soon.

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