11 December 2015

Holiday Fun

I was surprised last night at the post office when I saw my UPS Batteries arrived.  I got them installed with no trouble at all.  I need 2 more for another unit and while I could wait a few days since I am greedy I want them now.  Going to stop by my local Batteries Plus this weekend to see if they will match the same deal I got online.  If so great and if not well then it looks like I will either have to pay a higher price or wait – just a matter of picking an option. 

All is well in the stomach department.  Had Fettuccini and Garlic Bread as well as BBQ and it’s all good.  Our annual holiday party is this afternoon.  My day is essentially done at 12:30p when I go to lunch but since I am done with my phone shift my day is actually done now.  Nothing going on here, everyone is just trying to pass time in order to get out the door for the holiday celebration.  I am riding with a co-worker so when she is ready to go I have to, perfect excuse.  Besides that I really would like to take some of the afternoon for me, considering all that I have been through. 

I pray that this weekend will be more productive and nothing at all like last weekend.  The house is in need of some attention from Mr. Dyson and that will send the children into a tizzy but the house will look much better. 

Despite accidentally ordering a lower model I really enjoy my Plantronics Voyager Headset.  I should have gotten the Legend it’s got more bells and whistles but built on the same premise.  Anyway it takes some getting used to have something pressing in your ear and hanging around your ear for a period of time but after a while you forget that your wearing it, that is until the phone rings.  I had 2 hours of talk time this morning.  I plugged it in for 30 minutes and presto I was back to 5 hours just like that.  The max is 6 hours.  So it’s quick to charge.  I’m using this obviously at work.  You’d think they would supply us with good equipment so we can do our job but in this case they only provide a wired headset and I don’t like being tied down. 

In the world of Gay Dating, one of the sites asked me if I wouldn’t mind being a moderator of photos.  It’s an interesting task and not for the faint of heart.  You get to see all kinds of things as well as various body parts of women and men.  I have flagged a few photos.  The strange thing is that suddenly all of my conversations with the guy I met last month came back, despite me blocking him.  I had to re-block him which I thought was odd. 

In the world of Cats, Mr. Bear has some extra fluid, I suspect from my inability to medicate him last week when I was sick.  So I have doubled up on his prednisone and that is doing the trick.  He is peeing twice as much now, which is good for him but bad for me because it means that he will go through this box of pee pads quicker.  We only do the increased dose for a few days at a time, it’s something that I came up with on my own.  We have done it before and it helps him, puts me at ease and saves a trip to the vet.  Momma knows all about medication now and she runs from me.  I called her last night she actually came to me until she saw why I was calling and then she was gone like a bullet.  What a vixen she is.  I caught up with her and she wasn’t too happy about it. 

So Wednesday night I am driving home and my phone rings.  I answer it and it’s a collection call from the doc in the box that I visited a couple months ago.  They want there $115, which I have already paid.  I went through their automated system and told it that I sent payment already.  Then once I got home I looked and sure enough they cashed the check.  I called up and the lady in customer service told me well it takes 14 days for the check to post to your account.  Seriously?  You have the money but your going to hound me to send you money in the hopes that I double pay.  I imagine a lot of people fall for that.  Fortunately for me I am on top of my game and still have my wits about me (all though some days I wonder).  I printed out a copy of the check just in case this turns into a bigger issue.  I understand some people don’t pay their bills but I am not one of those people.  I didn’t have the money when the bill came in the mail and I waited beyond the 10 day limit they said they wanted their money.  I needed to get paid plus i needed to see that my health insurance company said that I really owed them this money.  It’s a gimmic the visit to the facility is covered at 100% but the doctor is a contract employee they bill separately so it looks to the insurance company like I went to see another doctor and they bill for the ‘office visit’.  For the prices they charge they should be coming to me.

We got some really good news yesterday we are closed for Christmas Eve, originally it was a work day but now it’s a holiday.  I am so thankful for that.  It’s like I don’t get enough time at the holidays and having the extra day will be awesome.  Well time to prep for the party.  Talk with you all again soon.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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