19 December 2015

AT&T Day

I didn’t know that I would spend most of my evening last night with AT&T.  Things were going good and my memory kicked in, so I called.  I figured since it was around 7p they would be closed, but no, open which was nice.  I got a lady who I think was of asian decent.  She didn’t take time to listen to what I said, she was applying selective hearing.  She wanted to dismiss my trouble and blame it on the network, they started the show late.  I assured her that was not the case.  She wanted to format my DVR back to factory, I had to ask two times for her to put the case on hold, I would need time to gather information from the DVR and I would call back.  Finally she gave in.  I was so pissed when I got off the phone I was yelling.  I quickly made a list of all of my recurring recordings and then called back.  This time I spoke with an American who took the time to listen and she was very helpful.  We reached a point that it was obvious that she wasn’t going to be able to help me fix the issue, a tech needed to come out.  I knew that all along but had to play the silly game.  So I made an appointment for Saturday afternoon.  I got a time window and was told the tech could be here between 2 and 4 hours, there was a possibility of a charge if the trouble was on my end and not in their equipment.  What are the odds that wire is going to go bad?  I said okay. 

I chose a morning appointment and then quickly switched it to afternoon.  I remembered that I had to make it to the post office.  So I did that, got gas for the car and shopped for cat food.  Then back home to spend time with the muffins and wait for 1p.  The tech called me shortly after 1p to let me know he was on the way.  As per usual with anyone that comes to my house he got lost and was driving up and down the street, finally he realized which house he was supposed to go to.  He decided to start with a modem.  I told him that I didn’t feel it was the modem but that I was fine with him replacing it.  They also call this a Residential Gateway.  He was quick to tell me my wifi password was going to change and I told him I don’t have internet with AT&T, so that made his job a little easier.  While we waited for the equipment to boot back up, we made idle chit chat.  I explained more of the issue to him and he told me that if we can prove the DVR is bad he would replace it.  Thankfully we were able to prove the DVR was bad and he kept his word.  The odd thing is I got a larger modem but a smaller DVR that actually holds more recordings.  I am not complaining just made the observation of the size of the equipment, because you know to some of us size matters.  Smile  He replaced everything that he possibly could that would cause the problem.  There are only two other peices of equipment a wireless receiver and the wireless transmitter that communicates with the receiver.  I feel very confident that the issue has been resolved.  I won’t know for sure for a couple weeks until shows return from holiday break and I have multiple recordings going at one.  So there was no charge for the visit and I actually got an upgrade that didn’t cost me a thing.  Yeah wait until January when my contract is up.  They are going to try to rape me and I of course won’t allow that, unless they promise to use lube first.  Seriously they will work with me or I will drop them like a bad habit.  They get plenty of money from me every year and since the cellular bill is going up in February it’s the least they can do for me.  Stay tuned to find out how that turns out, they won’t negotiate until you are days away from your contract ending.  My guess is there is a hidden auto renew clause and you will be bound to a new contract but they say that isn’t the case.  Yeah well we shall see.

Before the technician arrived I decided to watch The Big Bang Theroy.  I was invested into the program and at the 25 minute mark the damn recording stopped.  It thought that the recording was done, when it wasn’t.  It was painful but there was only one solution.  Go watch it On Demand.  That meant that I couldn’t fast forward, I had to re-watch what I already saw and I couldn’t skip commericals.  So I did other things while that was playing.  Then when we got to where it was new information I started paying attention.  Very good show.  Those guys and gals always make me laugh.  Sheldon is the best.  I actually work with a couple people that act just like him.

After the day I had I thought about going to Outback Steakhouse, then I remembered it’s freezing outside.  It would be a 45 minute ride and I could probably use that money elsewhere.  So I talked myself out of it again and stayed home.  I had a tv dinner and some cake.  Whoopie.  I watched a lot of TV today.  I saw a movie on Showtime about a dog saving christmas, it was pretty cool.  Sort of like Home Alone but Kevin was played by a dog.  I saw a documentary on Daft Punk, pretty interesting.  They have never shown their faces, all you get to see are the helments.  The element of mystery adds to the attraction to listen to their music.  They have some good stuff.  One More Time and Robot Rock are two of my favorites. 

Ms. Gator has been up my ass since the moment I walked in last night.  Meow here and meow there.  I switched beds at 4am and she started up again.  None of the children like a closed door and she just meowed her head off.  There was no going back to sleep, so I got up and went back to my room.  After an hour or so I fed them breakfast.  I drank some juice and watched Netflix, eventually I got tired again and returned to bed.  Only to wake up to someone thinking they were entitiled to a second breakfast.  I didn’t give in.  I did eat some food and then got moving.

I have seen on FB posts about grief and the loss of a loved one around the holidays.  It’s in the news as well.  Yet another reminder for me, like I really need that.  I understand that I am not the only person who has lost someone dear to them.  I suppose for those people that just experieced this or will experience it before or during the holidays it’s a good idea to put the word out that there is help available and to seek it out rather than trying to fight the battle alone. 

Instagram has really been front and center on my phone.  The app figured out that I like boys (men) and I see tons of photos of shirtless guys.  Yummy.  I have also found porn on the app from short clips to full dick pics.  I keep thinking of different guys that I would like to follow or I see someone hot and just start following them.  My account is private which means no one can see my posts unless I approve.  I have given like 5 people access and I am down to two followers.  I guess they find my posts to be offensive.  Whatever.  I paid for an app that will allow you to grab photos from other people and save them to your phone.  This only works on public accounts, if you get access to a private account your out of luck.  There are tons upon tons of photos so I will never ever grow bored with the app or so I think. 

Switching over to on line dating.  Remember the douche from the pet food store that led me on only to tell me in the end it wasn’t the right time for a boyfriend?  Yeah well he’s back on Grinder and so his profile says he is also on match dot com.  He is on a winter break from school and looking to date.  Yeah sure he is, but I’ll bet you anything he pulls the same crap with someone else.  I mean if he really wanted to ‘date’ he would have saved my phone number and given me a ring to see if I was still available.  As if anyone would have scooped me up, I mean it’s possible but the odds weren’t in my favor and don’t appear to be going that way.  My photo isn’t on Grindr, so he doesn’t know I am there.  I so want to send him a message and tell him it’s not nice to fuck with people and give them false hopes.  However, I’m sure that could some how be taken as a threat and with modern technology the cops would be knocking at my door in no time flat.  So I am not taking the risk, but I am tempted to put my pic out there to see if he messages me.  I don’t want to get involved with him because he lied to me and led me on once.  What is to say he wouldn’t do it again or worse yet we click and things go fine then one day I find out something he told me was a lie.  Yeah, I think it’s a receipe for disaster.  Perhaps if he was on the receiving end of the same shit he was shovling my way he would feel different.  I understand it’s difficult to tell people your not interested, but hey were all adults (or claim to be) and rejection goes hand in hand with dating.  Better to be honest than to give false hope.  I am still anxious for the next guy I get to go on a date with.  He will be lucky number 3 and hopefully that means things will click.  It’s like a job interview you need a little practice to figure out what to say and what not to say, once you master that it’s smooth sailing.  As an example I am quick to tell people that I am new to dating in general and that I lost my partner of 20 years.  I think those are turn offs, the first one can probably go unmentioned for quite sometime.  The second one well unless it comes up in conversation it should probably be left for a second or maybe third date with the same person.  I am as stable as I am going to get from all of this and just want a little joy and some dick, more joy than dick but still I am looking for the same thing everyone else is, I just want a relationship instead of a one night stand.  I am not that kind of guy.

No nap for me today and I had high hopes of acomplishing more stuff.  However, Momma says it’s time for bed and actually so does my body.  It’s 9:45p and I am wiped out.  Bring on tomorrow and hopefully it will come with more energy and I can acomplish all of what I truly want to do.  Kind of nice that the work week is only 3 days, looking forward to that.  The part that sucks is that it will be dead so there won’t be much going on and that equals boredom which is not good for me, but I am sure I will survivie.  I hope your Saturday was awesome and that your ready for the holidays.  Take care. 

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