12 December 2015

Livewritter Issues

In doing some research it appears that Livewriter has gone open source, which is a good thing.  The bad thing here is that Blogger turned off the protocol that allows Livewriter to communicate with it.  What does this mean?  Some extra work on my part to get things posted.  However, the open source community is working on making the open source version of livewriter compliant with the new protocol that Blogger has, so hopefully it won’t be terribly long as this is kind of painful.  This all went into effect yesterday, oh joy. 

The holiday party was a lot of fun, I had many laughs and got to talk with my co-workers a little more openly than in the office.  I didn’t say anything that I wasn’t supposed to and I was home by 5:30p.  The food sucked!  They had appetizers and not many of them, I didn’t bring my lunch so this was my lunch.  I finally ordered off the menu and that helped fill me up.  I can’t tell you how many sodas I drank but if they were alcoholic I would have been drunk for sure.  This place had a photo booth, so I got together with a couple of the girls and we took some photos.  It was $5 and I didn’t realize that we got 3 copies, I ordered 3 and that was $15 more.  All of this went on our office managers credit card.  I think he will be pissed, but he gave me the card.  Ah well. 

The drive home was a little bumpy with traffic but I made it.  I was looking forward to seeing my babies.  I had a pretzel and a soda for supper.  This Friday was nothing like last Friday and I am quite thankful for that.  I rented We Are Your Friends with Zac Efron.  He is so hot.  It was a good movie, had some electronic music which was awesome and a decent message behind the movie.  It was well worth the $6 that it cost me. 

Saturday I did have a couple things I wanted to do today, I got most everything accomplished but I didn’t go see the movie that I have been talking about.  If it’s still playing I may see it on Christmas Eve.  I hit up the local Office Depot and got a cheap UPS to help take some of the load off of my main unit for the PC.  When I print from my laser printer it was sending it into an overload and then the alarm goes off, I get pop ups and it’s just an annoyance.  I got that taken care of!  Then on to get cat food.  I talked with Jordan one of the hot guys that works there.  I know he’s straight but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the fact he has a nice body.  He had a huge pimple on his face, I wanted to squeeze it so bad because it looked horrible.  It was also in the 70’s here which is NOT common for December, felt more like late August.  The warmer weather is only temporary and we should be returning to the freezer within a few days.  I rather like that because it will increase the odds for snow, which I really want for Christmas.  I got to sleep in thanks to the kids.  They got me up and going by 1 which was okay.  I had a sandwich for lunch.  Then went out.  Supper was a frozen Italian meal, which was pretty good.  A while later I chomped on some M&M’s.  I bought this Spring edition bag earlier this year at Sam’s and I think it may well be Spring 2016 before this bag is gone.  I’ve given some away to co-workers but still I am left with a heaping helping of them. 

I did some Amazon shopping today.  Got more pee pads and medicine for Bear.  I got me some Mucinex which I really need.  I also placed an order for 2 more replacement batteries for the other UPS that I have.  If it works, then I may need to do some rearranging of units.  I used up my $100 gift card and the whole thing cost me $9 which is not bad at all. 

I am hopeful that we get an Amazon card from our local office, like we did last year but since we have a new office manager who is cheap, I have my doubts.  If not it’s okay I mean I was well taken care of.  I am spending the last $5 on the gift Visa tomorrow at the grocery store. 

Plans for Sunday….Shave, Shower, Grocery Store, Breakfast, Finish up Laundry, Clean the house, prepare for Monday and try to relax.  I may even be able to squeeze in a nap.  The tasks are in no particular order and I know they are well within my limit to accomplish. 

I’d really love it if an AT&T tech would come out to my house, they should have something where you can schedule on-line but no they want to send you through some Troubleshoot and Resolve tool.  They make you do all of the Level 1 stuff on your own.  If that doesn’t fix it and you need Level 2 support then you have to call and I am sure fight with someone on the other end.  My problem is that when I record multiple shows and want to watch one of them while it’s being recorded the picture freezes.  It also damages the recording so that it will only play a portion of what it recorded.  Even though there is clearly more content the recorder says, nope were done.  I have been trying to fix this on my own and each time I think I have it resolved it comes back in a few days.  If you try to duplicate it by recording random stuff that doesn’t work.  I can’t figure out if it’s the DVR or a Gateway problem.  My thought process says it’s the DVR, which is kind of bad news.  Because they will most likely make me reset it and that will wipe the content and pending recordings out – I will have to start over.  Then I suppose if that doesn’t fix it they will actually send someone out to my home.  I really don’t want to lose content or pending content – it’s a pain in the ass to set it all back up again.  The good news is that my contract will be up next month.  I have to call to negotiate new pricing and I am dropping down to the basic phone service instead of unlimited which should save me money.  Then we will see what kind of deal they are willing to make.  Cable has a very attractive offer and I am tempted to switch back but then I have the DVR crap to deal with.  Plus in a year I will go through the whole price negotiating thing again, they have us trapped in an endless circle.  It would behoove them to just give us the best price from the get go but so many people don’t call or don’t know they can negotiate pricing that they count on you not calling.  All I want is service that does what it says it can do all of the time with no problems.  AT&T has been awesome for that up until the last 4 months.  They have not had any outages and I have had zero problems with my voice service. 

Okay so you got a bit of a rant.  Thanks for stopping by to check on me.  I will talk with you all again soon.  Be well!

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