27 December 2015

Christmas 2015




All in all, things turned out okay.  I did get rather mad a couple times but didn’t let it show.  First, about an hour before I was supposed to arrive I got a message that said to pick up soda because they forgot.  I question if they really forgot it or if they just wanted me to pay for something.  They normally don’t drink soda.  So a quick stop at a gas station and soda I had.  I took it out of the money I was giving them for Christmas.  Maybe that was wrong but again I was ticked.  They told some friends that normally attend that they were getting an Amazon Gift Card.  I was really hoping for the same thing because they know that I am an Amazon-a-holic.  Nope instead they got me a gift card to one of my favorite restaurants, but it was a very small amount.  I again reduced the amount of their gift to match exactly what they gave me in a gift card.  That was probably wrong but it’s my money. 


As for the meal, we had Prime Rib and not standing rib roast.  There were 2 cuts of meat.  One was well done and the other was rare.  It was not fatty but it was tough and they passed out butter knives, which were not sharp at all.  So it took forever to get through the small slab of meat they put on my plate.  There were green beans, garlic mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes that I ate.  They also had Brussel sprouts and horseradish for the meat.  I didn’t have either of those last two items. 


There was the usual h’orderves of olives, pickles, carrots and dill dip.  Then there were crackers and cheese.  They had a cheese ball but elected not to put it out, that is what I really wanted. 


Desert was the usual cranberry walnut tart, which was excellent.  There was no fresh made whipped crème. 


I stayed much later than I wanted to but still managed to get home at a decent hour.  The children were very happy that I was home.  I also had a carry out portion of the meal that I was sent home with.  There are parts I want to eat and parts that I don’t. 


Rest of the time


I have had my fair share of naps as well as interrupted sleep.  I am not used to sleeping with 3 cats in my small twin bed.  It makes for quite a challenge because I don’t like to be held down.  I switch beds a lot but get serenaded by Insty (aka Gator).  She really puts all she has into it and I usually wind up giving in and getting up, regardless of the time.  Not tonight because tomorrow is back to work.  She will be sleeping in the living room.  It’s kind of funny she has a corner of my bed that she claims as hers.  Marvin & Momma both want to be on the same side but Momma doesn’t like being near Marvin, she doesn’t like to be around any of her children since she got sick.  She is very crabby with them.  However, she will eat with them.  Silly woman I just don’t get her. 


The laundry and dishes got done early.  I did grocery shopping and trash today as I normally would.  I went to the upscale store again today just to switch it up.  I got some items that I normally wouldn’t have.  The one thing that I wanted was Snowballs (cookies) but they no longer had them.  I looked everywhere, but no luck.  Not happy but that is the way it goes. 


I went out for supper last night it was really fancy.  Taco Bell!  Yeah I got an order to go 2 Burrito Supremes and 2 regular tacos.  Ate it all in one sitting and it was delicious! 


I have ripped some music from CD to my iTunes so that I can have it on my phone.  I have also acquired some music from online.  Adam Lambert, Daft Punk, Paul Oakenfold to name a few.  I had to fight with ripping the soundtrack from the movie Latter Days to my system.  It was copy protected so I couldn’t play the CD, because apparently the license wouldn’t install, I suppose because I have Windows 10 and not Windows 98 but hey.  I made it work and had to manually label all of the tracks, which was not fun but it’s done.  I look forward to many hours of listening pleasure. 


I have spent a lot of time with surfing for porn, cute guys and smut in general.  Just because I could.  I have also watched a lot of Movies and TV.  I saw Snervous last night which is a movie by Tyler Oakley.  It was interesting but I kind of wish that I would have not seen it.  I thought he would open up a little more than he did.  Apparently the content I am looking for can be purchased in his book, yeah I don’t see me getting that. 




I had just laid down for a nap when my phone rang on Christmas Day.  Caller ID said it was my brother.  I didn’t move to answer it and let it go to voice mail.  Then pretty soon my cell phone started, again it was him and I let that too go to voice mail.  When I woke up I listened to my messages and turns out it was my mom wishing me a Merry Christmas. 


I spoke with her today we played phone tag a bit.  She is a little unhappy given the circumstances but she said that she feels safer where she is.


For Christmas my brother being ‘the good son’ picked her up and took her to his girlfriend’s place.  Where they enjoyed a Christmas meal.  Even though I typically have plans of my own you would have thought that I would have been invited but that didn’t happen.  My brother didn’t even call to say Merry Christmas, not that I expected it but things were a little different a year ago.


Apparently my brother thinks that he has until May to clear out the house because that is when the bank will be wanting the house back.  My mom keeps on telling him to get stuff out of there but he is procrastinating.  ½ of what she wants he suddenly is having a hard time finding.  However, he got all of the stuff of value out and gave it to his girlfriend.  What a twit.  In talking with my mom she said that she still has a key to the house with her.  So I am going to stop by on Friday (New Year’s Day) and pick it up.  Then I will be able to go to the house and see what’s left.  Mom is worried about yet another fur coat that she has there, that he won’t get.  So I will be picking that up along with God knows what else.  I am taking the truck so that I have extra room but I don’t plan on packing it full of stuff because I already have a house full of crap that I can’t use or don’t want.  On one hand I look forward to seeing what is left and on another hand I really don’t want to see the place.  I just hope this isn’t a trap to try to get me arrested, I have to play paranoid because no one else will play it for me. 


I can tell that there is some serious regret that my mom has and it sounds like things are moving very slow to get her in to the recovery program that she needs to be in.  The holidays I know don’t help that process, but until she starts and completes the program she can’t get discharged.  I know that my brother could bust her out but there would be the small problem of where she would live. 





It was awesome on Christmas Day.  60 degrees felt like I was in CA or FL and there was plenty of sunshine.  Then Friday hit and it started raining and hasn’t stopped yet.  It is going to keep up until sometime on Monday.  There is a lot of flooding going on.  There are small puddles in my front yard.  I live up on a hill so I am not at risk, but I remember a time years ago when I came home from work and the subdivision was flooded.  We had such a large amount of rainfall that the storm drains couldn’t keep up.  I like so many other people you see on TV drove in to water that I wasn’t sure I would make my way out of.  Once I decided to enter it, I didn’t let my foot off of the gas and got to the driveway with minimal effort.  I certainly understand how you can think your invincible and that you can drive into what looks like a small puddle only to find out that you just entered a small creek.


There are plenty of road closures, power outages and unfortunately people that have been killed.  I really wish the rain would stop.  I was thinking this morning as I got out in it that it was cold but if the temps drop a lot then it would all turn to ice and we would have a different kind of problem on our hands.  I don’t know that anyone would be going anywhere.


I really want snow, it’s a sign of comfort for me but it’s just not here yet.  Today would be my anniversary, it hit me this morning.  I remembered that I timed it two months to the day of his birthday.  We would be celebrating legally 3 years, despite the fact that we had been together for over 20.  I spent ½ of my life with him and it is not so easy to just put it all behind me or file it all away.  Our Civil Union License hangs in the living room as a tribute to what we had.  I know that making our relationship legal meant the world to both of us.


Okay so it’s time to feed the Gator who is bugging the crap out of me.  I need to put in my pizza and then shave & shower.  Then it will be back to the computer for a little bit.  Wow today seems to be flying by compared to the rest of the time off.  I still look forward to having Friday off and hold out some hope that they will let us go early again on Thursday because even 2 hours is an extension of what I could have had.  I did get invited to my friends for New Year’s Eve.  They don’t have a formal meal but rather eat snack food.  I will be quite content here at home celebrating knowing that I am safe and with my furry children.

More to come as the week progresses.  I hope that your Christmas was the best and that your well, warm and safe!

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